How to Propose: 8 Things to Do for the Perfect Marriage Proposal by Shawn Mack

Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on Unsplash

Proposing your beloved might seem like a dream. You might find yourself all eager and excited just at the mere thought of spending your life with your partner.

But the night before – it’s all twisting and turning in bed. You can’t get yourself to sleep because you’re too anxious. What if something goes wrong?

What if you mess up the big moment? What if your beautiful moment turns into a haunting memory?

What if they say no?!

Now, calm down. We feel you.

And that’s exactly why we’ve crafted this post. Here we have compiled eight essentials that you must check off your list before proposing to your significant other.

Talk it out Indirectly 

First, you ought to know if they are on the same page as you. Marriage is a big decision, and it requires a lifelong commitment. If you are thinking of it, you probably think that your relationship is mature enough. But do they think the same too?

Do they see you as a part of their future too?

Of course, we do not ask you to go directly confront them on the matter. It would ruin the whole surprise!

So, bring up the conversation indirectly. Perhaps, regarding the recent engagement or wedding of a close friend. Keep the topic vague and indirect but ensure that you know your partner’s opinions for sure. It would save you from the last-minute heartbreaks and disappointments.

Get to Know Your Partner’s Preferences

If you have your indirect yes with you, you can proceed to the other things on this list.

With that said, the first thing to do for your perfect proposal is to know what your partner likes. You’ve to learn about their preferences in terms of:

  • Place
  • Type of ring
  • Mood/Vibe

Some people appreciate the proposal made in intimate moments, while some prefer grand proposals with an audience in your sight.

Involve their Family

Now to take things into a more serious lane, it’s best to involve the families. Ensure that you know your partner’s sentiments about it. It is a must if they feel that they won’t do a single thing about their life without the consent of their parents.

Ensure that you bring the matter under your partner’s parents’ consideration. Know their take and take the action accordingly.

If they refuse to have such a possibility, do what it takes to convince them!

Get the Right Ring

The ring is the highlight of your highlight event. It’s a piece of jewel that your partner will be wearing for the rest of their life. It is your association with them that they will be carrying about and around. So, ensure that you give it the due time.

Begin your hunt by looking for a design that your partner will love. Determine whether they like a diamond ring or gemstone ring? And if it’s the gemstones, then which one? Would they rather have an aquamarine engagement ring or an emerald one?

Be sure that you’ve all the answers before you head out to the shops. Also, get their ring size via their casual-wear rings!

Prepare a Speech

Speech. But this is no presentation. Why do you need a speech?

Well, if you have such thoughts, know that you’re not all alone. Almost everyone who comes across it questions the same.

Even so, you ought to Prepare a Speech.

That’s because, in crucial moments like these, adrenaline often spikes up. It leads us to do things we never imagined. You certainly do not want that happening. So prepare a Speech that sums up your love for your beloved and asks them out in the sweetest way possible.

We recommend mentioning the spark moment in your speech. Or how much they mean to you. You’ve got to make them feel truly loved in that very moment.

Pick the Right Place

As mentioned earlier, picking the right place is a whole domain in itself. When picking a place to propose, ensure that it’s close to your partner’s heart.

Ensure that the place you choose has the right vibe. Even if you haven’t got a big-budget and you’d like to do it in your lounge, decorate the surroundings with candles and sweet stuff.

Get in Touch with Proposal Planners

If you’ve got a business running and studies to proceed along with your love life and things are getting a bit overwhelming, it’s best to hire help. Get in touch with professional proposal planners, discuss the budget and details, let them know what you want, and let them take care of things.

You can hop in when everything’s ready and lay claim!

Book a Photographer

Although planned, your moment’s going to be magical. And when you get on one knee and pop the question, the reaction of your partner will be priceless. Certainly, you do not want such a precious moment to escape forever.

So, book a photographer and keep them on standby so they can click some beautiful pictures. Once preserved, you can cherish these forever!

Final Thoughts

It may seem like your dream of beginning a new chapter in life with your beloved is only a proposal away. After all, how long can a proposal take? But as mentioned above, that’s not the case. Proposing your beloved is a whole journey in itself. And you must prepare well for it. Enjoy!