How to Make Your Resume Stand Out with No Experience by Patrick Adams

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

The current situation in the modern world of Australian business is beyond cutthroat. Every advantage count, however minuscule it may appear. When you are on your quest for that dream job, you want to use anything at your disposal to get it. And your resume is the first and crucial step in that endeavor.

Writing it in such a way to stand out and leave a standing impression on the HR people is a form of art in itself. To help you out in landing that ideal employment, here are some things to look out for.

1. Any experience counts

Leaving such a field blank is a quick way to the Recycle bin with your application. While this may seem like a closed-loop at first since you need job experience to get job experience, the catch is in the phrasing. Relevant experience. Any type of work you did before applying, like volunteer work, student activist, organization, private venture, community work etc. counts and can fill up your resume. Employers love to see any accumulated experience as it can tell a lot about their future employees. And after all, any experience listed is better than blank space so, don’t be shy and start listing all the great things you’ve done so far.

2. State your business plan

Between us here, yes, a paycheck is one of the main goals when it comes to looking for a job. We know it, you know it and, the employer knows it. But, besides that, one of the first questions asked at any job interview is „Why do you want to work here?“ and besides the obvious, you need to have a clear statement for this. Just sending out your CV, packed to the brim with info, is not going to cut it as it, and you, need a purpose. Avoid vague statements, and it’s best to do a bit of research about your future workplace. By studying the companies resume, mission, statement etc. that is readily available on their site you can tailor make your CV to them.

3. Personalize your resume

Unique resumes stand out and stay with the HR department long after the selection process is done. But, how to be unique among thousands of employees and secure your space in their heads? For starters, ditch any standard resume formats and search for any single page designs. If your future employer can get all the data he needs from a glance, that’s a good sign that he can rely on you in the future. To make your resume more personal, many consider adding professionally done corporate headshots to their resume. When you add a face to the application, it’s much easier to identify and connect the job with the right person for it. Which we have no doubt will be you.

4. One size does not fit all

However perfect your resume may be, just sending it to a million job openings is not the proper approach in these situations. HR is trained to notice and quickly eliminate these as quickly as you can click „Send“. Especially if you have multiple skillsets or various relevant job experiences. Also, the tone of your resume can vary as some companies prefer a more leisurely approach while some adhere to a stricter and more professional layout. Taking the time to write a personal application mail that goes alongside your job resume for the job application can add that human touch that is sorely missing in the modern business world. Whatever the case may be, any effort you put in is visible and appreciated.

When you are still starting with job hunting, it may seem like a daunting task. You may be thinking that you are up against unsurpassable odds with many other applicants that you think are far better qualified. Many of these don’t matter as presentation and skills related to it can level the playing field and contribute to your employment. Writing a concise and brief report of any kind is a valuable and exceptional business skill. One that many future employers know how to recognize and appreciate. Managing to separate yourself from the pack and secure a spot in any HR mind is the goal here and, we do not doubt that you will achieve it. Best of luck!