How to make your house look expensive by Tanya Mayer

Just one look at those interior design magazines is enough to realize that decorating a house can be expensive as hell. But what if we tell you that you can achieve that same expensive look without breaking the bank? It is all about simple tricks and illusions that can make any room look like a million bucks.

Spacious & Elegant

Large mirrors are not only far more functional but hanging them in the right place will reflect any room right back at you, widening the space and making it seem larger. If you want to open up space instantly, the best place to put a large mirror is across from a room’s entrance. This trend has become increasingly popular in bathrooms since the large frameless bathroom mirrors can conjure spaciousness and elegance at the same time. This simple trick can be boosted even further with an assortment of mirrors – hanging various shapes and sizes in your living room will create an artistic and eclectic design on your walls. But if you want to stick to simplicity one large statement mirror is quite enough to give your wall an elegant and polished finish.

Depth & Interest

Expensive is the opposite of boring, so you need to stay away from clean and straight lines – they will definitely make a room fall flat. What adds interest and depth to a room is the presence of a variety of shapes. That doesn’t mean you should add accessories to the point of clutter – the trick doesn’t lie in the number of things, but in their curvy lines. It can be everything from furniture to lamps – every curvy item will definitely make the room look more expensive.

History & Wisdom

True luxury requires some sense of history and wisdom that creates the feeling that it’s a trend that has passed the test of time. And nothing can create that sense as easily as a lovely antique piece – it simply has the patina that can’t be recreated in modern items, no matter how expensive. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on actual collectible antiques – it is rather about investing time to find something that looks like you’ve picked it up at the flea market in Paris. And it doesn’t need to be large-scale. While an antique-looking piece of furniture is great, even a small antique picture frame can give any room that certain indescribable quality which makes it look far more expensive than it actually is.

Mood & Instant Class

You’d probably be surprised to hear that this can easily be achieved with flowers. First of all, flowers will instantly lift the mood in any space – combined with a decorative vase they will increase the level of comfort and hospitality. Second, they’re the cheapest and quickest way to add various textures and colors and achieve the richness of the space. And third – even a single but bountiful and big bouquet of flowers on a mantle or coffee table will add instant class. Keep in mind that bigger bouquet means more luxurious look, but that doesn’t mean you should put up pretentious displays on every surface. The point is to make your displays lush and full, not sparse. The cost of buying these fresh flower arrangements can quickly add up, but there are simple ways to make your own arrangement from grocery store flowers.

Glamour in The Shadows

Lighting is the element that makes all the ones we mentioned above truly shine – it is what makes the atmosphere, what creates the glamour. But that doesn’t mean you should shine a light all over the place – that would actually kill the magic. The true glamour lies in the shadows – although it may sound silly at first, the fact is that everything looks far better in dim lighting. This is why you should add dimmer switches to your light fixtures – it is definitely one of the least expensive and smartest investments. Of course, to reach the full potential of this glamour effect, you’ll also need lighting pieces that are expressive and interesting. Think of lighting as the jewelry of your home’s interior – the trick is to accessorize the space in the same way you’d accessorize an outfit.

As you can see, an expensive look of the house doesn’t need to be bought, it can be made. While some of the items on this list do require a small portion of your budget, it’s mostly about the investment of time and careful arrangement.