How to Know What to Give Your Partner This Christmas by Regina Thomas


For many people, purchasing a gift for your partner can be one of the most challenging efforts of the season. While it can be pretty convenient and simple to load a gift card with money, that’s a better gift for a friend, distant relative, or coworker. When it’s time to give a Christmas gift to your partner, you’ll want to put as much detail as you possibly can.
Your partner might be picky, hard to please, or incredibly laid-back about the season. No matter what you’re dealing with, use the following tips in order to help you navigate the shopping process and what to get for your partner this Christmas.

1. Pay Attention to What They Talk About In Conversation

If your partner talks about a particular musician that they love, look to see if that musician is hosting virtual concerts or merchandise on their websites. If so, surprise your partner by purchasing the items. If your partner talks a lot about their love for a particular sports team or new recipes they’d like to try, purchase sports gear or interesting cookbooks that directly speak to those interests. If your partner is a liquor collector, consider giving him/her alcohol gift hampers for Christmas

If they talk a lot about missing their childhood home, ask them about what they remember most about home. If there was a nostalgic cuckoo clock they loved, find a store that sells cuckoo clocks. When they open up the gift, it’ll show that you were paying attention and care about the details.

2. Notice What Their Needs Are

You can take this tip in any direction you choose. The needs of a person vary. The need might be related to a physical need like a massage chair for an aching back. If you are interested in the idea of purchasing a brand-new car for your partner who complains about their old car, go for it. Just make sure that it’s a practical purchase you can comfortably fit into your budget until it’s paid off.

Pay attention to anything they’ve talked about needing. When they come home from a workout session, are they dealing with discomfort in a certain area? This might be a sign of needing better athletic shoes, an appointment with a chiropractor, or regular massage sessions. By providing this gift, you’ll show that you’re able to anticipate the needs of your partner. It also communicates that you care about your partner’s needs and how to fulfill them.

3. Ask

While it takes away the element of surprise, it’s okay to ask your partner what they’d want. In fact, take note of Santa Claus and what he does every year for the children of the world. Children are always asked to make a list of items they’d want for Christmas. Ask your partner to make a list. Whether you’re able to get everything on the list or the top two items, at least you’ll know that you’re purchasing something they actually want.

Ask your partner to prioritize the items on the list. The top item is the most desired gift on the list. As you work your way down the list, at least you’ll know you’re working with items your partner wants.

4. Pay Attention to Their Interests

If they’ve developed a new interest in the past year, nurture that interest. For some people, this year has been all about learning how to slow down, appreciate life, and invest time in their hobbies. If your partner has shown interest in starting a YouTube channel, a new camera can be useful as they begin their journey.

For anyone who’s interested in international travel, a personalized passport case will be an extra special gift. Anything that’s personalized or monogrammed will provide an extra layer of customized flair.

5. Research the Trends

Do some online research to find out the trending gifts. At one point, everyone wanted to get their hands on an air fryer. Look at a few YouTube channels and other social media platforms to see what content creators are purchasing for their partners. If there are any trends you see, it’s okay to hop on the bandwagon.

Those particular gifts are trending for a reason. If your partner doesn’t like the gift, just save the receipt. With a saved receipt, they can purchase something else that they’d want more.

While all of these factors are great to consider, it’s important to remember the reason for the season. It’s all about the thought behind the gift. As long as you’re thoughtful in your approach, Christmas gift-giving shouldn’t be rocket science. At the end of the day, think about what will really put a smile on your partner’s face. Once you have that thought in your mind, it’ll become easier to pick out the best gift that they’ll happily receive on Christmas morning.