How to Infuse Your Clinic with Good Vibe by Maggie Holmes


People usually feel anxious and nervous when visiting a health care institution – it’s rarely an enjoyable experience. However, the visual appeal of your clinic can help them feel a little bit calmer and more relaxed, and hence, more willing to come back. When we’re in a comfortable environment, we feel safe. Many things affect how we feel about someplace: the entrance, the smell, the waiting room, the colors, the lighting and the materials used, among other things. By investing in interior design, you’re actually investing in your future by ensuring clients who come back for the services you offer. If you’re interested in infusing your clinic with a good vibe, keep on reading about some of the ways to design your medical clinic.

Start with the entrance

The entrance to your clinic is of key importance – it is the first thing your patients see and we all know about the importance of first impressions. People usually overlook this feature, even though it is crucial for creating a comfortable zone for your patients. When thinking about the entrance, you should first consider the door – it should be wide enough and inviting. It mustn’t be cramped. You should also consider a ramp for people with disabilities. People will form their first impression based on the way they are received in your clinic – something to remember.

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting and lighting fixtures are also very important when it comes to designing a welcoming clinic. Of course, if possible light up your clinic with as much natural light as possible. Anyhow, that won’t be sufficient, so you should also consider artificial lighting as well. Experts say that you should opt for warm lights instead of fluorescent ones, where possible. Some examination rooms or rooms where you conduct some procedures, tests, or x-rays may require a special kind of lighting. Dim lights seem to have calming effects on patients, as some studies report. You can combine different types of lighting such as ceiling lights, wall lights and focus lights.

Choose appropriate colors

The importance of colors in relation to our feelings and mood has been accentuated in many areas of our life. When choosing colors for your clinic, make sure you choose colors that will make the patients feel calm, relaxed and that will have soothing effects. For example, a light blue color stands for serenity, green helps in reducing stress, while white stimulates feelings of sterility and tranquility. Depending on the type of clinic you own, you can always consult professionals about the best interior design ideas for your clinic specifically. For example, if you own a dental clinic and you want to upgrade it, you can always seek professional advice and help with dental clinic designs. That is a good way to ensure professionalism, comfort and balance.

Design the waiting room

The waiting room is the room where your patients will spend some time, so you should take your time when considering the best way to design it. In such a high-traffic area, all the details matter as patients are highly aware of the time they’re spending there. Your task is to make them feel at ease while waiting. You should consider the layout of the waiting room as it should be spacious enough to provide your patients with personal space and comfortable, of course. The lighting shouldn’t be too bright definitely as it can make your patients feel uncomfortable. It would be a good idea to offer some reading materials to your patients such as magazines, newspapers and books. You could also display some interesting and informative posters. A plant here and there would only make the space even more appealing as well as some windows to bring in the fresh air.

Consider the comfort and privacy of your patients

The comfort and privacy of your patients is something that makes a great part of your medical practice. People feel calmer when they are comfortable, so make sure to provide all the comfort necessary and possible. As far as privacy is concerned, this is something that is implied but it doesn’t hurt to mention. You need to provide privacy for all of your patients as nobody likes to feel exposed.

A brief summary of the topic suggests that the looks of your clinic and the feeling it evokes in your patients play a crucial role in the success of your clinic together with your professionalism and expertise in the medical field.

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