How the Pandemic Has Resulted in a Surge of Online Entertainment

The online entertainment industry has been a favorite of millions since many years now. It is, what could be said, the go-to form of entertainment for the millennial who know their ways through the cyberspace and know where the best of the internet’s entertainment is at. And with the pandemic wreaking havoc in the world and forcing everyone to stay inside their houses, there is but very little other than these online means of entertainment to turn our heads towards. Everyone has started bingeing on their favorite shows on the multiple OTT platforms and playing different types of online games in the wake of this pandemic. Speaking of which, the aim of this article is to look into these two major forms of online entertainment and how they have been helping people to make it through these extraordinary times.

Online OTT Platforms and Binge Watching:

There is only so much a person can do to productively make use of their time when the world has been forced inside their houses due to the wave of the COVID-19 hitting the shores of human life. Learning a new skill, journaling your thoughts, reading new books and honing your culinary skills can get redundant after a point of time and you then need something quick to keep your sanities intact. Online OTT platforms have come as a welcome relief in this situation. There is no dearth of series, documentaries and movies that can be found on these platforms, and people have pinned all their hopes down to these platforms. The OTT platforms have always been riding high in terms of success, and there is not a smidgen of doubt about that. But, ever since the pandemic has hit the humankind, these platforms have seen a rise in their business. We do not mean to insinuate that the online entertainment industry has exploited the pandemic, but there is no denying that it has seen immense growth during this time. Millions of people have been subscribing all the more due to this forced lockdown so that they have something to look forward to and keep themselves busy until the dust settles.

Online Gaming and Gambling:

Besides these OTT platforms, which have served as your knight in shining armor, the other kind of online entertainment is online gaming and gambling. There is a plethora of online games that you can play to beat the blue and tease the creative and intelligence juices of your mind. And though the gaming industry has always been in vogue, the pandemic has only resulted in providing a nudge to the industry all the more. People have all the time in the world, and they love to indulge in playing their favorite games online. This has resulted in all the more growth and success of the online gaming industry, and the trend shall continue long after the wave of the pandemic has moved over.
Besides gaming, online gambling has also been a huge relief to people who love gambling for either money or fun or both. Online gambling, too, like online gaming, was always around the corner. But, the online casino industry always faced severe competition from its land-based counterparts. However, people now only have their online gambling industry to depend for their dose of fun. There is a variety of games on some of the most reputable sites in the US market, that gambling enthusiasts can play and spend their time without having to step outside their homes. And this, has acted as some kind of a miracle in boosting the growth of the online gambling industry.


The online entertainment industry has been riding high on success more than ever before ever since the planet has been sent into a state of complete and forced lockdown. Even after the situation improves and people start getting back to their normal lives, the online gaming, gambling and OTT platforms shall continue to earn millions of new customers and keep their old ones. It shall take quite a long time for everyone to start moving around like they used to. And till that happens, the online entertainment industry shall be all that there is to count on.