How Psilocybin Eases Anxiety And Depression In Cancer Patients by Jenny D

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Mushrooms grow worldwide, but the mushrooms containing a component called psilocybin are recognized as magic mushrooms. It is famous worldwide and thrives in humid subtropical forests. The hallucinogenic compound, psilocybin in them, gives feelings of euphoria and sensory distortion. People have been using it for recreational purposes and various health benefits. Anxiety and depression are two mental health issues that most people go through in their life. Cancer patients also go through a lot of physical and mental changes.

Let’s look at the various ways psilocybin helps ease mental distress in cancer patients.

1. Increase of „openness“ in cancer patients

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A cancer diagnosis creates an emotional trauma for the victim and their families. The years of therapy and medication to survive can drain them emotionally and make them lose hope. That’s why cancer patients are more likely to get anxious and depressed.

As per a journal, experts state that cancer patients‘ mindsets play an essential role in their overall health and well-being. Researchers say that enabling a positive shift in cancer patients‘ perspectives like „thinking that cancer is controllable rather than disastrous and accepting the thought that their body can fight this disease“ can help keep them motivated. This thought process can initiate positive lifestyle transformations in people. They will be more open to eating healthy, following healthy habits, and enjoying new experiences. Psilocybin can help in allowing the positive mindset shift in cancer patients.

As per a report, people who were administered large amounts of psilocybin indicated a notable increase in openness in their attitudes. Their psychological response to new experiences and thought processes and appreciation towards life improved during the psilocybin session. Thus, psilocybin can ease the level of anxiety by improving their mindsets.

2. Increases creativity

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Scientists researched to find out the link between fear, anxiety, and our brain. They discovered that long-term stress could shrink portions of the brain that enhances creativity and imagination. This is because the hippocampus in the brain gets compromised due to anxiety. The hippocampus plays a vital role in improving creativity and imagination by putting together our memory and present thoughts, allowing us to imagine the future. Long-term anxiety kills the cells in the hippocampus that cause loss of memory and zaps creativity.

Consuming psilocybin can be an effective way to ease anxiety and increase creativity. Reports recommend that psilocybin can improve a person’s creativity and sense of well-being. The psilocybin results can remain up to seven days, easing the person’s anxiety and enhancing their creativity. Psilocybin is available in the form of capsules and other edible forms. If you stay in Canada, you can Google for psilocybin Canada and order a suitable product from the comfort of your home.

3. Reboots the brain

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Depression is prevalent in people living with cancer. It is normal to feel sad thinking about the uncertain future. But if the sadness continues for a long time and starts affecting the daily activities, it becomes a matter of concern. Cancer patients feel hopeless, difficulty in sleeping, loss in weight, and go through mood swings. Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) is another severe condition common in cancer victims, where healthcare professionals find it challenging to treat patients effectively.

Psilocybin can boost the mental and emotional health of cancer patients when taken in a controlled setting. Reports state that patients with depression show a positive response to psilocybin. It can reboot the brain activity in people with depression. Patients who took psilocybin doses displayed an immediate decrease in depression symptoms. That’s because psilocybin reduced blood flow to the part of the brain involved in handling fear and distress. Thus, cancer patients can manage their depression and be at ease by taking psilocybin under the guidance of an expert.

4. Smoking cessation

Diagnosis of a tumor is the time when doctors discuss the patient’s lifestyle addictions with them. Most cancer victims stop smoking after the diagnosis, but fifty percent of the people living with cancer continue smoking. Various factors cause smoking cessation in melanoma patients like readiness to quit, disease-related distress, tumor-type, and nature. However, some patients feel less driven to end smoking after diagnosis and continue due to their increased anxiety and depression.

Magic mushrooms can help in treating these unhealthy habits of drug usage. A study states that psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy helps overcome nicotine addiction and almost 80% of the participants gave up smoking after this treatment. Reports say that smoking cessation can act as an antidepressant treatment for anxiety and depression.

5. Lasting Results

Depressed people take antidepressants and go to therapy sessions every week for years to feel better.

However, research proposes that a single dosage of psilocybin can mitigate anxiety and depression in people living with cancer. The results of this drug can last up to five weeks. Thus, psilocybin shows fast relief from depressive symptoms like self-destructive action and toxic thoughts.


The above are the five ways psilocybin alleviates anxiety and depression in melanoma victims. Apart from these, magic mushrooms can be beneficial in managing other physical and mental distress as well. Consult your doctor before taking psilocybin to know the right dosage.