Have A Rest x LITKOVSKAYA – “FULL OF LOVE“ – New Capsule Collection

Ukrainian brand of smart suitcases and travel accessories Have A Rest presents a collaboration with LITKOVSKAYA

The project is dedicated to love in all its manifestations: parental, friendly and married. The every day and the extraordinary love, the love of the sublime and the one that manifests itself in the smallest deeds, the love of travel or the love of silence. An experience that teaches, the luggage you carry behind your shoulders and the cities that inspire you.

The project was attended by stylists Vyacheslav and Irina Dudenko, photographer Kseniya Kargina, project manager „Courage Bazaar“ Elena Gudkova with her son, art-duo Vasyl and Ivan Kostenko, as well as the legend of domestic mountaineering Tatiana Yalovchak. They all talked about how love, inspiration, and travel are connected in their lives.

„Our team is convinced that traveling and absorbing new knowledge is much nicer and easier when you are filled with love, so we share our values ​​with LITKOVSKAYA and we are working together to expand the“ FULL OF LOVE „project received a maximum of experience and inspiration, we are reminded of this simple but important phrase – shares Have A Rest brand founder Alina Dolinina. “

„The values ​​of our brands, are the same and we are glad to present you the perfect set for travel,“ commented Lilia Litkovskaya. „We would like to see what you have inside will push you for adventures and your eyes and thoughts will be full of courage.“

Suitcases Have A Rest x LITKOVSKAYA will be presented in two variants – dark gray Cool Gray and bright yellow Sunny Lemon colors, each with a print „FULL OF LOVE“. In addition to the suitcases, the collection also includes a protective case, crossbody bag, silicone backpack, travel pillow, sleeping mask, organizer kit, and eyeglass cases. Let us remind you that a suitcase in the size of a carry-on suitcase has a built-in USB port and Power Bank included, and a checked luggage suitcase – built-in scales that will help to avoid overloading before arriving at the airport.