Great Outdoor Activities by Jared Jaureguy

Spending time in the great outdoors is good for your health both mentally and physically. It can reduce anxiety, stress and depression, lower blood pressure, improve your sleep, give you a boost of Vitamin D, improve your mood and give you a break from the loads of technology that surrounds you on a daily basis. There are lots of benefits to being outside, so here are some great outdoor activities that you can try.

Nature Walks and Hiking

Studies show that taking a walk out in nature can help reduce stress. It also can be an educational activity because some walks include stops along the way where you can read and learn about the wildlife and plants around you. Hiking is another fun option. There are lots of beautiful hiking trails to try.

Playing Sports

There are lots of different outdoor sports you can enjoy playing that are exciting, fun and competitive and also a good way to get exercise. You can try sports such as basketball, baseball, golf, volleyball and more. Pack up your gear such as a basketball, baseball glove and a wooden baseball bat and then head out to the court or field.

Going to the Beach

Spending a day at the beach is a favorite outdoor activity for many people for many reasons. Going to the beach means you’re able to relax, eat, or get exercise all in one place. You can play games such as beach volleyball or frisbee, enjoy the water, look for seashells, build a sandcastle, or just relax on the sand and soak up the sun.

Going Fishing

Going fishing is an outdoor activity that teaches patience and can also be relaxing. Grab your fishing pole, remember to bring some bait and then find a nice lake or pond. Fishing is a good way to enjoy time outdoors, and once you get that first catch you are sure to feel excitement and accomplishment.

Cooking Food and Having a Picnic

Cooking or grilling is another activity that you can do outside and then be able to enjoy the tasty meal you made too. Pick your favorite picnic foods, head to a nice park and set up the portable grill. Chicken and vegetables are great for grilling. Other ideal foods for picnics include sandwiches, pasta salads and various fruits because they are convenient for packing up into a picnic basket and are easy to eat while outside.


Whether it’s at a campground or in your own backyard, camping is a great outdoor activity that really allows you to connect with the people you’re with and with nature. Set up a tent, roll out a sleeping bag and don’t forget the essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, a lantern, foldable chairs and marshmallows to roast while you sit around the campfire.

Get Some Exercise

Working out at the gym or at home is good, but sometimes it can help motivate you if you get outside for your exercise. Running, jumping rope, kayaking, swimming, biking, roller skating and yoga are just a few of the types of exercise you can do outdoors. All of these are fun ways to enjoy time outside while staying active and getting a good workout in at the same time.


Looking up into the sky to gaze at the stars is not only relaxing, but can also be a fun and educational activity. You can try to find and name constellations and watch for shooting stars. Another reason this is an awesome outdoor activity is that you can stargaze from your backyard. Stargazing is also known to relieve stress, inspire creativity and help you feel more tranquil and peaceful.

Being outdoors has many health benefits both mentally and physically. It’s good for helping improve your mood and there are lots of ways to have fun and get exercise. Next time you’re looking for an outdoor activity, give one of these a try.