Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Cherish by Mia Johnson

Knowing how to give a gift for the woman that means so much to you (regardless if it’s a wife, a fiancée, a girlfriend, a mother or a sister) is an art form that many men are yet to master. You see, it’s all about knowing the person in question, properly timing this sign of affection and achieving the desired effect. After all, this last part is the most important piece of the puzzle, seeing as how the value of the gift is always subjective and its worth is measured by the reaction of the person receiving it. In other words, the sentimental value is the only value that truly counts.

A photo album or a frame

Men are often accused of not being sentimental enough or being forgetful of important moments in life. By gifting one a photo album or a frame, your gift will consist of more than just this item. It will also be a demonstration that you really do care and remember what matters the most. When giving a gift to your mother, a framed photograph from a distant field trip may be more valuable than any expensive piece of jewelry. As for your wife, a framed photograph taken on your first date will have a, more or less, similar effect.

Tickets for an event

All the best gifts are the most selfless ones, which is why you need to take the woman you care for to an event you know she is passionate about. Let’s face it, chances are that your partner, sister or a female friend won’t have the same taste in music that you do. Therefore, taking them to a concert of their favorite band might be incredibly meaningful. They’ll know that you wouldn’t go there on your own for a million years, which is why this sacrifice of yours will be simply invaluable. Just keep in mind that being negative throughout the duration of the event will diminish the worth of your present. At least try to pretend that you’re having a great time.


There are so many reasons why chocolate is a great gift. First of all, it’s inexpensive, which means that the person gets to focus on the gesture itself instead of feeling uncomfortable that the person probably overspent in order to get the gift. Second, there are some amazing chocolate hampers out there, which means that this gift might have immense aesthetic value, as well as a pragmatic one. Perhaps the most important thing of all is the fact that you just can’t go wrong with chocolate, due to the fact that it’s one of the most universally appreciated delicacies.

Wall art with sentimental value

If you’re looking for a way to give something special to your wife, you needn’t look further than your wedding day. Chances are that your wedding vows were the pinnacle of the event (in terms of romantic sentiment), which is why you might want to hire a calligrapher to capture them on a sheet of paper and then have this framed. Preserving your vows as a piece of art is both symbolic and romantic.

It also gives your wife a way to display them in your living room (as a wall ornament) so that she can brag about it to her friends. A similar thing can be done with a wedding invitation, with a lot less hassle. Keep in mind, though, that this effort is often the most important aspect of the gift. When it comes to choosing the gift for the mother, you can always frame a piece of art that you’ve made when you were just a boy.

A manicure

One of the things that women hate the most is the fact that men are so deeply dug in their own world that they fail to acknowledge things that women in their life care deeply about. No, the manicure is not just regular maintenance, it’s a ritual, a me-time for that important woman in your life. Therefore, there is seldom any gift out there with a deeper meaning than paying for your loved one’s manicure session. This usually isn’t that expensive, which is why even a college student should be able to afford it.

A trip

Finally, we’ve talked about memories several times already and how they can be used to make incredible gifts. However, what about an opportunity to make new memories as you go. Therefore, making plans for a trip is usually a great idea. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that making a trip without the consent of another party might backfire. This is why you need to make all the arrangements only after you’re 100 percent sure that it’s a good idea. Also, in order for a gift to be perfect, it doesn’t really have to be a surprise. So, ask the person in question for their opinion before scheduling anything.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, you need to understand that waiting for an occasion to give this gift isn’t necessarily the smartest course of action. A birthday, Valentine’s day, international women’s day and anniversaries are dates on which your expected to show affection by bestowing one with a gift. On the other hand, if you were to pick a random date to rejoice them, you would demonstrate just how much you mean to them every single day of the year. Due to the fact that giving one a gift is all about sending a message, it really doesn’t get any more powerful than this.