This November, Georg Jensen is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with award-winning Japanese design studio Nendo.

A Georg Jensen exclusive, head designer Oki Sato crafted these three striking ‘Mizuki’ vases that perfectly combine Japanese minimalism with the Danish brand’s unique design language.

Sato took inspiration from the natural world when tracing the soft, organic lines that define the three distinct designs. An approach to the craft that he shares with Georg Jensen.

“There are many Georg Jensen designs that rely on nature as their primary motif; like a flower or a plant, or just abstract and organic forms you see in the natural world,” explains Sato. “I felt that this was something Georg Jensen and Japanese culture had in common.”

Impeccable craftsmanship

Available in three different shapes and sizes, the vases are crafted entirely out of sterling silver and manufactured by expert Georg Jensen silversmiths in Copenhagen.
It takes an average of 400 hours for a well-trained artisan at Georg Jensen’s own silversmithy to produce the complete set of three. It all starts with a thick sheet of sterling silver which is cut and hammered to give the products their intended shape. Throughout the process, the silver is repeatedly melted at extremely high temperatures, allowing the silversmith to craft each designs’ signature soft shapes. Finally, the pieces go through multiple rounds of expert polishing, as do all Georg Jensen items. A perfect execution that relies on a meticulous sense of detail and craft.

A versatile design

Each product also doubles as a handy carafe ideal for both water and wine, making the design simple and versatile.

“Apart from serving as a vase for your flowers, each piece can be used as a water jug for your dining table,” explains Sato. And when it comes to styling, each vase – defined by an elegant sculptural appearance – is purposely designed to look great both when standing alone and when paired. The three ‘Mizuki’ vases will be available starting November 2021.