Freddie Future – Leave Me Cold

„My debut EP, Freddie Future (FF) is the story of a breakup in slow motion, but it didn’t start out that way.

Working alongside producer Derek Hoffman (The Elwins, Ralph), we began each morning with a beat & keyboard loop that Derek had been working on. We’d write and track the songs in the same day, a process I appreciated for it’s cathartic nature, as it was a way to process the breakup as it was happening.

The sequencing on FF was originally based on tone/vibe, but as the songs started to grow, a story came forward that I needed to tell, in a way that allowed me to examine the past to rewrite my future.

It soon became clear that this emerging narrative needed a new name to represent itself. Freddie Future was born.

The first single, “Leave Me Cold” is the crushing, sobering realization that you have been in the wrong once the other person has left. The vibe of the song captures this heartbreak we face within our relationships.

My debut EP FF is a jump headfirst into my romantic, emotional and harmonious mind; its sound is unforgettable.“