Flexwood ✖️ LordFordman Spring 2019

Flexwood ✖️ LordFordman Spring 2019 

Texas-based photographer Manuel Frayre — also known as Lord Fordman Photography — links up with Houston-based underwear brand FLEXWOOD for an exclusive lookbook editorial and Film that is as sensual as it is artistic. The collaboration features Dallas based models Hunter Runnels, Funboy, Angel Rosas and Flexwood’s funder Alex Arriaga, with each model bringing a different vibe and look for a diverse group of men showcasing their masculinity in a communal denuded and public setting.

Lord Fordman is the offspring project by Scam Likely, a fashion and performance photographer whose work can be seen in Nakid Magazine, Cake Magazine, Milk Mag, Lovesexomag, Eroticco, and more national publications. The brand serves as a space for his creative exclusively male modeling editorial work. So make sure to follow for much more work like this.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lordfordman_/

Flexwood is that Underwear that becomes your favorite go-to pair. Giving us a New Feel of Underwear to Flex!
Changing up the Underwear game with its bold name and Luxury fit, everyone needs to get a feel of FlexWood!
Flexwood is made to bring a more high quality yet urban fashion piece to your everyday wardrobe. Designed and handcrafted using the finest Eco-friendly threads, this breathable fabric gives you the flexibility to move freely while still keeping its elasticity and soft touch!
Created in LA by Houston based designer Alex Arriaga. He takes pride in his custom version of today’s modern designed underwear.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/_flexwood/


Alex Arriaga (https://www.instagram.com/lex_arr/)