Ezra Jordan – new single “Cliffs”

„A few days after breaking up with my then-girlfriend, I found myself overlooking a Thailand sunset on the edge of a massive cliff. I felt so overwhelmed by the unbelievable beauty that it gave me a little bit of hope; eventually, everything was going to be okay.

However, that evening took on a different meaning when my ex and I met up six months later. Seeing her again warped my memory of that night. I felt like she was dangling me over the cliff and holding me hostage, instead of feeling like everything would get better from there on out.

Cliffs” (produced with Elijah Woods, Matt Kahane, Quin Kiu) captures a mood that is both energetic and melancholy; almost like a nervous anxiety. I wanted to encapsulate that weird feeling where you can’t let go of something, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. 

Now, I’m fully recovered, fully honed, and fully ready to launch into my next musical chapter with the release of my debut solo EP – Cheap Therapy – on April 2nd.

Thanks for listening!“

Ezra Jordan