Ezra Jordan – Is It Just Me

„My new single – “Is It Just Me” – was written about a break-up I went through. It wasn’t your typical breakup because it happened while we were travelling together in South-East Asia. It was sad, but we agreed it was for the best. However, things changed for me once I got back home from the trip. She continued to travel for 6 months after we parted ways, and it seemed like every time I went online, I was seeing her moving on so well from the breakup while having the time of her life. I, on the other hand, was back in our hometown, surrounded by constant reminders of our time together. Thinking about her was totally inescapable, and I got the idea for this song during one of those sleepless nights where I couldn’t get her out of my head.“

„As for what I want listeners to take away from this song, I just want them to know that they aren’t the only ones with someone running around their heads at night. I intentionally contrasted the melancholy lyrics with more upbeat music because the situation I wrote the song about was such a mixed bag of emotions.

In the upcoming year I’m working towards getting my debut EP out, and then touring around North American to promote it. I hope you like the first taste of what’s to come – thanks for listening!“