Expand Your Living Space for a Better Life by Emma Joyce

No matter how big your home is, you’ve probably always dreamed of a bigger one. And if your current home isn’t big enough to fit your family, it’s time for a change. While moving out and finding a new home is quite all right, it’s not the only solution. What most homeowners opt for is expanding their living space which leads them to a better life. If you want to do that as well, here are a few ways to expand your home and get your space planning better than ever.

Building a new story

This is the easiest idea in the world – at least in theory! At first, adding a new story to your home sounds like the perfect way to solve all your problems. This will double your living space, give you more storage options, and probably even make your home more visually appealing.
However, turning this idea into reality is far from simple. You need to take a number of things into consideration and know exactly what you’re about to do. Think about this idea for a while, figure out how much sense it makes, and then start planning it. Work on your design, define your budget, find the right contractors, and think about how you’ll decorate this new space.

Extending your living space

If you’re not a fan of going up, you should think about going out. This means not adding a second story to your home, but turning a part of your garden into interior space. Using this space might not look like a lot at first, but it could turn out to be essential. There are so many ideas you could choose from when thinking about putting this idea to good use.

You can turn this area into a living room, and enjoy the view while hanging out with your friends and family. Alternatively, you could turn it into a bedroom and wake up to the sound of the birds chirping every morning. In the end, you can add a sunroom to your home, creating an amazing new hangout spot.

Adding even more space

If none of these ideas work for you, go all in and build an entirely new structure in your backyard. This is particularly useful for people living in small houses with massive outdoor space. What you can do is turn your garage into usable space, or opt for one of those cool little sheds. But, you can do something even better.
People in Australia, for instance, are huge fans of granny flats, and just love investing in them. These small self-contained spaces are quite enough for one or two people and can make a major difference in your living arrangements. That’s why Aussies might think about finding experienced granny flat builders from Sydney who can design one for them. Building these structures doesn’t take much time, but it’s a lasting solution that helps you significantly expand your living space.

Utilize the attic

Even though turning your garage into usable living space is easy, some people don’t want to do it. After all, this means they won’t enough have space for their car. That’s why you should think about utilizing another potentially amazing space – the attic.
Most attics are used as storage spaces, and that’s quite all right. But, finishing an attic and turning into a loft might make more sense in the long run. This could be your new bedroom, family room, or even a home gym. These are all amazing options, so be sure to consider this idea as well.

Expanding your living space really isn’t as hard as it looks. Just find the idea you like the most, plan it all out, and start working on it. It may take some time, but you’ll love having more space than before!