Exclusive: Framing Masculinity – Rodolfo Valentino – Photography by Markus Brehm

Framing Masculinity – Rodolfo Valentino
Although Rodolfo is no longer new to the modeling scene, it gives me great pleasure to introduce this Italian born Model to the readers of Twisted Male Magazine.
Rodolfo loves philosophy, history, Latin and Greek.  He’s a dog lover and can’t start his day without a cappuccino.  Why don’t you send him a message if you want to know more about him?
During my first photo shoot with Rodolfo, I continued my approach of wanting to tell a story with each image.  Perhaps they are not worth a thousand words (as the saying goes) but rather capture the imagination of the viewer and maybe spark a conversation.
To quote Joe Buissink “You cannot possibly hit the shutter without leaving a piece of you in the image.”  A passion to discover and to capture the sensuality of each model, intensifies the creation of this, my form of art.
Model Rodolfo Valentino
(IG @rudolphval_81)
Photography by Markus Brehm
(IG @mbmodelphotography)
Underwear by SUKREW
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Underwear by CHULO
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Underwear by TBô

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