Off the back of a sold out hometown show, and following the release of singles ‘Snow’ and ‚Heartless‘, EC Gold today unveils his third track, ‘No One’.

Lifted from a forthcoming four track EP titled ‘Intuition’, recorded with Carey Willetts (Athlete, Freya Ridings, Dermot Kennedy), ‘No One’ is a tender and layered moment from the project, revealing itself to be more melancholic than it first seems. As EC reflects lyrically on a moments in the past that could have played out differently, he choses to uses his words as encouragement to others.

Speaking of the track, EC says: “No One is about a time in my life when I’d grown apart from somebody who I really cared about. Despite having a really uplifting and reassuring message about trust and perseverance, the song is a ‘what if’ track in the sense that the chorus amounts to words that were never spoken. I hope it inspires others to build bridges and work on their relationships rather than having to live with a ‘what if’.“

EC Gold is quietly cultivating a dedicated following from out of the North East, in what is proving to be a hugely exciting year for the promising songwriter.