Drag Queen SuperGroup …A2B!

The new RetroFuture sound is HOT..Adriana Roy, Amoura Teese and BeBe Sweetbriar have teamed up to form a  Drag Queen SuperGroup …A2B! Named after the first letter in each of their names, these girls are bringing back that 90s vibe with a twist. Their debut single READ MY MIND is a rework of  If You Could Read My Mind, a double hit of the 70s and late 90s. First sung and written by Gordon Lightfoot in 1970 it skyrocketed to the Top Of The Pops, a remake was followed by Barbra Streisand in 1971 and Viola Wills  in 1980. For the film “54”, supergroup Stars on 54 with Amber, Ultra Naté and Jocelyn Enriquez came out with a dance version in 1998. Now A2B gives a hyped up RetroFuture, EDM infused version of this timeless tune, a sound created by music producers Pumpkin Spice and Bugie.. Poised to be one 0f the TOP Hits Of The Summer and beyond READ MY MIND is an anthem the will find its place on) the roster of timeless classics.

Based in San Francisco, all three members of A2B hail originally from Northern California. BeBe Sweetbriar brings a solid recording history to the group, including founding the new record label Nothing Sweeter Than Music that has released READ MY MIND. BeBe’s collaboration with Leo Frappier and Knife & Fork, UNITY, hit the #25 spot on Billboard’s Dance Chart in 2017. Under the alternate name Jericho Rose, Amoura Teese has released several recordings since 2015. Amoura is also a very talented seamstress and designer, contributing to the groups fashionable looks.  Adriana Roy is the newest A2B member to release material, but she brings over 10 years of live singing experience in many venues in California and Nevada Their individual experiences are just as varied as their individual vocal sound, but together there is a Power of Three with A2B that cannot be denied.