DIYÂ with her latest release „Love Love“

A rising star of the Ukrainian music scene, the refreshingly modern sound of DIY has seen her touring across China and breaking into the global market with her latest release Love Love.

Not only commercially successful, DIYÂ’s music offers a refreshingly honest take on her innermost feelings and experiences. This is a journey that is universally relatable and comes from a standpoint which is much further rooted in sharing her own views than it is about selling records. This EP is saturated with what are fundamentally very catchy tracks – certain to linger on your mind and carry on that feeling long after the record has stopped playing.

DIYÂ started her journey towards becoming an artist at an early age. Playing piano from the age of 5, she quickly found that her true musical talent was to be realised through her voice. Sometimes thrilling, and occasionally shattering, each song has been meticulously crafted to accommodate the inner expression of her state of mind within that given moment.