Disney x CASETiFY

Inspired by the whimsical world of Disney Mickey Mouse, the new Disney x CASETiFY collection introduces an exciting monochromatic lineup featuring a bold black-and-white color palette, made exclusively for CASETiFY’s signature accessories. Disney fans will instantly spot the eye-catching graphics and wavy Mickey Mouse motifs that showcase the lovable character’s happy personality, designed for a range of iPhone cases which retail for $40-80 USD. From reflective checkered patterns on funhouse mirrors, to mystifying Mickey Mouse cow prints, the limited edition designs offer no shortage of ways to customize—giving customers the ability to choose their desired case type, level of protection, and even add their names or monograms to select styles!

The iPhone cases included in this collection, retailing for $40 USD and up:

  • ●  “Mickey Wavy Face” available for Mirror, Impact, Ultra Impact, MagSafe series
  • ●  “Funny Mickey” available for Mirror, Impact, Ultra Impact, MagSafe series
  • ●  “Mickey Wavy Name” available for Floaty Glitter, Mirror, and MagSafe series
  • ●  “Mickey Silhouette Play” (custom) available for Impact, Ultra Impact, MagSafe series
  • ●  “Mickey Illusion Stickermania” available for Biodegradable Leather, Impact, Ultra Impact, MagSafe series
  • ●  “Mickey Checker Play” available for Impact, MagSafe series

●  “Mickey Circle Checker” available for Impact, Ultra Impact, MagSafe series

For Disney fans looking to wrap their tech in even more Mickey Mouse gear, customers can explore exclusive designs available for Apple Watch bands, grip stands, iPad cases, wireless charging pads, and MacBook cases, retailing for $35 – 79 USD. Additionally, shoppers can look forward to a variety of special designs for AirPods and AirPods Pro, with protective cases offered in matching reflective finishes, transparent covers, and a brand new, limited edition 3-D silicone Mickey Monochrome case—giving fans the ultimate Disney experience for their beloved tech.

“The inspiration behind this collection is a nod to Disney over the years, which is a fun concept to explore while CASETiFY celebrates its own milestone this year, reminiscing on a decade since our founding” said CASETiFY CEO and Co-founder, Wes Ng. “We truly hope the fans enjoy this collection, and experience the excitement and love that went into creating these special accessories.”