„Diet and Exercise Secrets Male Models Swear By“ by Cooper Klein

Not a single man in this vain universe can stay immune to the sighs and glances that the fine gentlemen we call models earn during their career. All of us would like to experience such a simple, yet hard-earned luxury. And who better to turn to when we’re seeking the best possible ways in which to alter our own lifestyle to get fit and healthy than to the Greek Gods of the modern era?
Get ready to take some notes, gents, as we’re about to turn to experts of aesthetics in order to chisel our bodies and perfect our menus in order to obtain the impossible!

No fad diet to your rescue

Sorry, pals, but there is no shortcut to long-lasting success when it comes to your eating or your exercise habits. While you may see that many swear by one particular way of eating or another, rest assured that unless it’s not tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle choices, you’ll only waste time and effort on trying out yet another fad on the market – and there’s always a new one to try.
Remember, even the toughest of them have their weak link, and if Tyson Beckford can resist his fried fish and chocolate, you can say no to that greasy burger or the bag of chips. Finally, even though there’s no one-size-fits-all for diets, follow this gentleman’s golden rule: fix your water intake, stat!

The core of all things sexy

We’ve all seen the abs and the look that made Chris Ryan so damn famous. His monstrously powerful core is what steals the spotlight every time he pops up on a magazine cover, hence every man’s desire to boast such a rock-hard six-pack. The beauty of a powerful core is that it will help you get stronger overall, and make all other movements easier to boost your entire physique.
So, all you need for that to happen is a few carefully-selected pieces of high-quality gym equipment you can use in your own home, and you can tailor your own workout to fit your schedule. Think: resistance bands, a medicine ball, a barbell, some weights, a kettlebell, and the like. Even such simple tools can help you carve a Thor-like physique at home.

Be a lean machine

While on the subject of Nordic gods, these creatures count calories, right? Well, they have to if they want to stay muscular and strong late in their silver years. Chris Hemsworth himself puts a strong emphasis on his diet regime when he is working on this Thor-like appearance. If you want to keep those muscles popping, then making sure your caloric intake is on point should be your next focus.
Keep in mind: you likely don’t have a crew of nutritionists and trainers surrounding you every day, so you need to factor in your other lifestyle factors such as how much you spend sitting down, how often you train, and what your volume and intensity are. That will help you determine how many calories you should consume, and where they need to come from predominantly.

Clean out the junk

Another golden rule for male models is that there’s no room for eating fast food or generally infusing your menus with mindless munching. Even if you make room in your own menu for a chocolate bar of your choice, you still cannot make every day and every meal your cheat meal. For best results, kick the habit of junk food in your home.
Clean out those stashes of snacks you know you’ll reach for when the next movie night is in order. Keep healthy alternatives close by, whether it’s pre-made smoothies, fresh fruit or vegetables, or store-bought, as long as it keeps you healthy and junk-free, you’re good to go.

Stay consistent

When it comes to your eating and your workouts, the one element that will determine the end result is how consistent you manage to be. One day will get you nowhere, but two weeks will also provide very poor results if you aren’t dedicated to your regime.
Maintaining your physique can be an even greater challenge than obtaining it to begin with. Make sure you monitor your progress, keep track of your food intake and exercise consistency, and you’ll give yourself a fair shot at getting that cover-worthy body.