“Robbed Me” continues his way through a world of electronic infused R&B with retro pads and vintage drum samples. Daniel takes us into the sound world of the late ‘90s, urging us to reminisce about that carefree time and feeling bereft after a very intense relationship ended.

Daniel commented: ‘’When certain people enter your life everything seems to light up – the shittiest of places looks like a palace with that person. The dodgiest chip shop is suddenly ‘haute cuisine’ and you are NEVER, really never bored. When someone like that left my life, I lost the connection to my mind and soul and started questioning my whole belief in human nature. How can love and trust turn into anger and depression so quickly?’’

Daniel is a fully independent artist with a lifelong passion for composing and writing music. Alongside his musical career, he works tirelessly as an actor, becoming a household name in several countries and amassing a loyal following on social media. His ambition landed him the lead role in a successful German prime time production, as well as starring in HBO’s Strike Back, BBC‘s Detectorists and the world renowned Netflix series The Crown. 

The second of six releases brings us closer to the core of Daniel’s emotional world. Showing deep routed wounds and insecurities. Daniel explains, “I know I’m not alone with that feeling, so when I sing about it I know people will find themselves within the story. For me it is the most fulfilling thing to know that someone hearing my song might feel for a second like they aren’t alone, because the loneliness that comes out of depression and self-doubt is a pretty shitty thing.”