Credible Ways To Give Your Clothes A Second Life by Tobias Foster


The season’s changing. So, it’s time for a therapeutic wardrobe clean-out.

It’s exciting to change your clothes. It’s almost as if you have a fresh start. All the gorgeous pieces you forgot about are back on the rack and ready to keep you warm and fashionable.

However, sometimes our expectations are crushed as we begin to sort everything out. We may find old pieces that don’t fit us or that aren’t trendy anymore.

But you can’t just throw away the clothes you bought a year ago or less.

In this article, you’ll learn some credible ways to give your clothes a second life.

DIY Old Pieces

You might think that once something doesn’t fit anymore or you don’t like it, you must throw it away. Why waste something that still can be used? Also, remember that you paid for it.

So, try to DIY your clothes. Here are some ways to do it:

Turn old clothes into new clothes. Suppose you have a sweater that doesn’t fit you anymore. If you still like the pattern, you could turn it into a thick scarf. This project can take less than 20 minutes to do. You just cut the jumper into large strips and sew them together. On the other hand, you can cut it into thinner strips to braid together. This way, you recycle your old clothes and give your sweater a second life.

Turn old clothes into decor. Suppose you work as an accountant, an essay reviewer, or a travel agent. You need a pillow for your office chair, and you have old socks and t-shirts. You can turn your t-shirt into a pillowcase and fill it with socks cut into stripes.

Tailor your clothes. If you have a certain item that you love, but it doesn’t fit you like it used to, take it to your tailor. You pay a small price to keep an item that you adore, instead of throwing it away.

Sell The Ones In Great Shape

Whether you work for a bakery, a write my essay site, or as a doctor, you know that every penny represents the time you spent working. So, selling old clothes can help you get some of that money back while giving your clothes a new life.

Especially if your clothes are in season, you can quickly sell them on sites like Depop, Etsy, or even eBay.

Here is a little guide to selling your clothes online:

Make sure they are in good condition. No one will buy a ripped t-shirt or a pair of jeans with a stain on them. So, make sure that you wash your items, possibly with a color renewal detergent, to give them a brand new look. If they have a missing button, a faulty zipper, or a tear, you can fix them yourself or take them to a professional.


Iron the item. Even if they’re jeans, try to iron your piece and put it on a hanger. It should look its best.

Find a contrasting background. If your item is dark, you may want to find a light backdrop or vice versa. Also, make sure that you have a lot of light, specifically if the piece is very dark. This way, you can show the shape, folds, and details of your item better.

Take a couple of photos. When you’re photographing your clothes, make sure that they look appealing and that every detail is visible. Moreover, you should take pictures of the back, front, and sides while on a mannequin or yourself.

Write a good description. When you’re putting it up online, try to be honest about it. Say that you wore it a few times and that it’s cozy or fashionable. Mention that it’s clean and ironed. Lastly, assign a reasonable price.

Of course, online shopping can be challenging, particularly if you ‘re not savvy with the internet and technology. But if you work for a blog, a research paper writing services, or a travel agency, you might be more familiar with digital functions.

Alternatively, you can sell them in second-hand stores, even though you might want to be good at negotiating. The clothes need to be in brilliant condition, and you might want to have more than one item.
You can even go to apparel shops and ask if they give bonuses and coupons for old clothes.

Exchange Them With Others

If DIY or selling clothes is too much of a hassle for you, try swapping them with friends and family. This way, you don’t throw anything away, and your old clothes get a new life. Also, you get new items.
You can organize a swap party with your family and friends when it’s spring cleaning time. Or you can open up a chat. This way, you don’t have to synchronize.

If you live in a vast city, you might have seasonal events centered around swapping clothes and other objects.

Donate To Charity

Donating clothes to charity can help you get rid of unwanted clothes all while doing a good deed.

After you give them away, those clothes go to people who can’t afford new pieces: large families, homeless people, orphans, and more.
You don’t get your money back on your items, but instead, you get some integrity.

Recycle Any Fabric

Before you throw away rags, socks, or undergarments, consider recycling them.

Some recycling agencies, such as American Textile Recycling Services, accept any piece of fabric.

This way, nothing gets wasted. Every textile fiber is used to create other products after being recombined.

So, before you throw something away, try to recycle it.


If you want to give your clothes a new life, without throwing them away, you can give them a brand new life.
Firstly, you can try to DIY your items. Whether you work as a bank clerk, an assignment help freelancer, or a programmer, you can always find time to revamp your clothes. Secondly, you can sell them and get some money back. Furthermore, you can swap, donate, or recycle them.