Choosing A Signature Men’s Cologne That Works For You

Photo by @felipepelaquim from Pexels


These days the old term ‘metrosexual’ has become a little worn and hackneyed. A growing number of guys are looking for colognes and body scents that offer a little more than the standard ‘mass market’ men’s fragrances and colognes that have flooded the drugstore market.

For men, there is a sense of wanting something that is highly individualized – that perhaps stands out as a signature scent that complements a person’s attitude and lifestyle.

With a growing range of men’s colognes becoming available, the choice requires a little forethought and a bit of trial and error testing. Here are some thoughts on how to begin searching for that unique signature cologne.

A quality scent has different layers

Anyone who has spent time appreciated fine wines would understand this explanation. A good fragrance has a number of layers or ‘notes’ to it. Just like a good wine can have notes of both the grape and the cask wood it was fermented in, a good cologne works in exactly the same way. Typically the first fragrance ‘hit’ quickly gives way to a more subtle and longer-lasting undertone.

This is quite often what sets a good cologne apart from that mass-produced men’s fragrance that everybody else seems to be wearing. A better body fragrance has a style and subtlety about it.  In some brands, a nice three-layer scent is achieved without the end result being overwhelming or too heavy.

Scents and the seasons

Taking things a step further, the choice of signature scent will also likely vary from season to season. In the colder winter months, a heavier or a stronger scent will sit more nicely. Think fragrances that have a heavier woody or deeper spicier oriental tone when choosing for the autumn and winter seasons.

This blend changes into the warmer months, where a lighter mood is called for. Here the more acid, citrus scents come into their own. Clear and fresh is more the name of the game in the more active months, so work within that range to select a signature piece.  A fragrance like versace man eau fraiche may well sit nicely with warmer, fresher months and the active outdoor lifestyle that comes with them.

All-rounders and classics

Some guys will prefer a theme cologne which they can wear throughout the year. This is a perfectly acceptable choice, particularly if there is a particular brand or scent with which the wearer is really taken with.

It is worthwhile having an alternative cologne on standby in case it is required to ‘mix it up’ out of season. For example, a strong woody signature scent could be backed up with a light citrus scent for high-energy, sweaty days in the heat.

For lovers of more classic fragrances, check out some of the more traditional, quality cologne scents when deciding on a theme choice.

Making a personal statement

The idea of a signature cologne is to make a personal statement that says something about you. Spend a little time deciding what kind of message you want to put across to people – remember, the sense of smell is a powerful communicator of thoughts and emotions.

Whatever the choice, personalize it, own it, and make it yours.