Celebrities Who Love Slot Machines

Photo by Longxiang Qian from Pexels

Not all celebrities have extravagant hobbies that only the wealthy can indulge in. Some have common interests like regular people and these include gambling. Celebrities are drawn to slot machines more than ever and this is because more and more slots are based on hit movies and TV shows. The stars of these hits are now becoming the stars of these slot games too. Probably the last thing the casts of movies and television shows were expecting was to be immortalized within a slot game.  But this has become a regular occurrence and these slots at DreamJackpot have a huge fan base. This has happened because the success of slots has led to slot developers being able to afford to buy the rights to such media franchises.

Celebrities That Enjoy Gambling

With celebrities starring in slot games based on their successful movies and TV shows, it comes as no surprise to discover that many stars actually love to gamble. They all have gambling niches that they are particularly fond of such as Jennifer Tilly’s love of table games and Ben Affleck’s famous love for all things Blackjack, a game that he excels at. Charlie Sheen’s love for sports betting is legendary and has been well publicized by his ex wife Denise Richards. However, there are celebrities who also like to spin the reels regularly too.

Alani Nicole

Alani Nicole Vazquez also known as La La Antony is an American television personality and best-selling author, businesswoman, producer and actress. In the early 2000s she appeared on MTV and VH1. Recently she has been making headlines due to her marriage problems. Last summer she was seen hitting the New Orleans casinos to take her mind off her problems. What she wasn’t expecting was to end the night leaving the casino thousands of dollars better off thanks to a huge stroke of luck. She was so delighted that she posted her casino exploits on Instagram. She started playing at 4am with $200 and finished the night bagging a jackpot and another win that made her $68,000 better off.

Other Celebrities That Love Slots

Pamela Anderson is an avid poker player but she also loves slot machines. She has even given her own image a spin on the reels in the shape of the Baywatch slot. She spends more time now enjoying her gambling hobby than being in the media eye, but she can still turn a few heads when she is spotted in casinos.

The late television producer David Gest who produced the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2001, was also famous for being married to Liza Minnelli. What you may not know is that he was a keen slots player and spent thousands of dollars on this hobby. He was fond of most types of slots and they were a major part of his leisure time.

Paris Hilton, the American media and business personality loves gambling, she is more likely to be seen at the tables, but she also likes a spin or two as well.