C2H4® Case #R000 „FM-2030“

After showing for the first time in LFWM this January, C2H4® returns with Case #R000 “FM-2030” collection, using the new naming system “Case #” to replace the traditional term S/S or F/W. This is also the very first season C2H4® decided to adopt the “See-Now-Buy-Now” model, as from now on all collections will be ready just 1-2 months after the show.

Now this retro-futuristic collection is officially launching, which named after an US Transhumanism philosopher and futurist in 1960s who held a belief that humanity will reach a turning point in year 2030 and humankind would be immortal with technology advances. With this influence C2H4® created the collection from the perspective of FM-2030 and other Transhumanists back to that age.

The whole collection is created under a hypothetical universe of year 2030 – the Post Human Era when humanity has achieved immortality while the higher authorities demand a countdown of “Lifetime” for memory erase to be installed at everyone’s birth. This approach is targeted to push civilization moving forward when human still live with an aspire. And C2H4® Human Data Storage Corporation is a hypothetical company in this era, providing all human data related services like Human Memory Upload and Backup.

A new campaign featured this hypothetical company concept is also shoot in London, with models presented as staff of C2H4® Human Data Storage Corp at both office and living room scenes wearing representative pieces of the season like Company Logo Hoodie and Utility Multi-zipper Tactical Jacket, portraying out how a futuristic division could look like in the hypothetical universe. The blue and grey striped “Company Logo” is also the key branded symbol created by C2H4® to match the theme.

The selection centers around “Disrupt-Then-Reconstruct” garment layers with futuristic patterns executed in a special grey color system blended into all pieces, interspersed with strongly “Lifetime & Memory” themed embellishments like 3M Reflective Stripes, Flash-drive Prints and SD Card Rubber Tags. Pieces as multizipper jacket, long jumpsuit, tailor jacket, hoodies and color blocked shirts and Tshirts that showcased an innovative sartorial language in techniques and materials. Extra versatility is given through details like external garment tags, multi-layered 3M tactical vests, and a transferable waist bag, which blended the cyber technicality under the new human tribalism context.