Broken Back – „One By One“ – Exclusive Interview

1/Hello, thanks for your time. Please introduce yourself in a few words.

I’m “Broken Back”. A French electro folk singer and producer. I started music after I really broke my back. And have toured since then all around the world to sing the song I created when I was recovering, stuck in my bed.

2/Please give us an update about new single, new album, tourdates, new videos.

I just released “One by One”, a sunny, unreserved and nostalgic eulogy of an unrequited love affair that I produced with the Geman Dj Alle Farben. I’ve been playing 300 gigs worldwide thanks to fan’s love on my debut album “Broken Back”. And I plan to release the second one next January (on the 17th of January 2020)

3/Name 5 things we all should know about you as an artist

I’m a singer and guitar player, not a DJ. Even though I produce electronic music.

I’ve composed, written, recorded, and produced all my first album in my bedroom.

I recorded a lot of new instruments in my upcoming album (Saz, bouzouki, Toere, Darbuka…) that I discovered thanks to my worldwide tour.

Cats Stevens has deeply inspired my way of singing

I’ve played the Tuba for 12 years.

4/ What can we expect 2019 from you ?

A crazy end for my summer tour, and a lot of studio to start working on the 3rd album !

5/ Do you have bad habits ?

I usually don’t warm up my voice before going on stage…

5 Alt / A guilty pleasure you cant seem to quit ?

Pasta carbonara forever !

6/ Besides music, do you have any special talents ?

I know how to catch flies as they are flying. Yep I know, that’s impressive.

7/ Being on stage feels like … !

The “why” of “why I am doing all of this !”

8/ Must Have – and No-Go in your wardrobe – favorite fashion brand and fragrance ?

My “Must-Have” is the classic white t-shirt. Think I have 15 of them in my wardrobe!

As a No-Go I’d say the Bermuda short. Ahah I haven’t seen one since 10 years I think ^^

My favorite brand is “De Rigueur”, a French leather bag designer which integrates technology in his creations to charge your electronic devices. You have to check it out !