Britt – Looking For Another

„My new song, “Looking For Another,” was written as I walked alone around Toronto on a summer day. Wherever I looked, there were groups of people who all seemed to know each other and have it “figured out.”

I produced the song as I wrote it, and it was important to me to hold onto its initial spark, as I built it out and mixed it myself later.
With the video for the track, I strove to tap into that same feeling I had as I was writing it, the longing and desire to connect with others, and the pain at feeling unable to do so.
I juxtaposed scenes shot in downtown LA by Eric Bilitch, with footage that I shot in my childhood bedroom back in Toronto. I edited these two worlds together – my past home in TO and my present home of LA.


With the narrative, I wanted to capture that feeling that we’re never enough in the eyes of others, that there’s something inherently wrong with who we are.
I did this through the eyes of a young girl (played by Charlotte Lindsay Marron) who struggles to look like the Instagram celebrities, even as it leaves her feeling deeply unhappy.


Looking For Another” is tongue-in-cheek because although I felt like I was the only one, in writing the song I acknowledged the universality of feeling alone.“