Bradley Bleggi – Top Model Interview

Name: Bradley Bleggi
Age: 24
Height: 6’1″
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Agency: Self-represented
Instagram: @bradleybleggiofficial

1. How did you get into modeling?

A photographer reached out to me and told me I had a great look and I should do something with it, so I did my first shoot and the rest is history.

2. What are you doing if you are not modeling?

Anything athletic, any type of sport or working out.

3. The most spontaneous/difficult/strange thing you’ve ever done?

The most spontaneous thing I’ve done is my first flight to New York, two days after my 21st birthday. I had $200 in my bank account and flew up here for the first time.

4. What do you love on Social Media? – What do you hate on Social Media?

I love being able to connect with people. If you do it right, how quickly you can see cool things, meet really cool, awesome people. What I hate about social media is when it’s used to manipulate people or make people’s lives negative.

5. Describe your personal style – Favorite Brands/Fragrance?!

If I’m going out, I like to dress clean cut otherwise I’m always in street clothes, something comfortable. H&M, Fashion Nova, Nike are some of my favorite brands. I like the colognes from Gucci and Burberry

6. Describe yourself in 3 words:

Adventurous, spiritual, charismatic

7. Where are your roots – The best thing about/to do in your hometown?

Dallas baby! The best thing to do is eat and drink! BBQ and craft drinks man.

8. Name one celebrity youd like to get naughty with!

Vanessa Hudgens, Beyonce, Demi Rose Mawby, do I have to choose one lol

9. Do you have any special Talents?

The talent I value most is my ability to get along with anyone

10. What is the most interesting thing online at the moment?

The start up to the 2020 elections