Blay Vision tackles dark emotions on new release ‚Revenge‘

Fresh from the release of ‚Realist Cuz‘, future-facing rapper-producer Blay Vision unveils the next single from his ‚Pain‘ project. Further demonstrating an ear for killer beats that don’t sit into any one single genre, ‚Revenge‘ finds Blay programming strobing synths and low-slung 808s on the moody beat.

He’s as deft in lyric mode as he is on the production side of things, and on ‚Revenge‘ Blay Vision tackles some dark emotions, touching on feelings of hate and pain.

There’s few artists that can both MC and produce to such an incredibly high standard, but Blay Vision is one of these talents. A key player in the capital’s rap scene, the Tottenham artist has carved out his own sound; a high-strength blend of neon melodies and dark frequencies that draws on the roots of grime but with a future-facing outlook.

When it dropped in 2018, his debut mixtape ‘The Vision’ was hailed as one of the best instrumental grime tapes of all time, and was quickly followed up with more of his unique productions that would become a mainstay in DJ sets at that time.

Favoured by both the rap and dance music scenes, Blay has worked with the most influential names in grime, including Jme (collaborating on ‘Gone Mad’ – a track that has earned well over two million streams – as well as producing for Jme’s ‘Grime MC’ album) as well as Skepta, P Money, Dapz On The Map, President T and more. While Blay’s beats have drawn bars from these big-name spitters, his own vocals are a highlight too, pioneering a sung-rap style that’s fully taken off in the UK.