Best Men’s Makeup for Surviving a Day at the Beach

Everyone loves a well-deserved beach trip, right? Between the sun and the sea, you probably assume that the beach is no place for makeup for men. In reality, this is just a makeup myth. Anyone can get away with wearing mens makeup on the beach, as long as you know which men’s cosmetics to look out for. The last thing any guy wants is to have globs of skin-colored goop running down his face. It’s actually easy to incorporate a natural, beach-ready face that doesn’t look ridiculously overdone with heavy male makeup. Here are the most beach-friendly mens makeup products so you can still look flawless on any sandy paradise in the world.

1. Face Makeup for Men: Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

As tempting as it might be to layer on the foundation for men, we highly advise you to drop that foundation brush. Foundation generally has a heavier feel on the face compared to tinted moisturizer for men. Due to its thick formula, it’s more susceptible to running down your face, which will only leave you looking and feeling like a hot, sticky mess.

Tinted moisturizer can provide similar, slightly lighter coverage with a much more natural finish. Most importantly, look out for tinted moisturizer that contains SPF to keep your skin safe from UV rays. You can even replace your regular face sunscreen for tinted moisturizer since it already contains SPF.

2. Lip Makeup for Men: Tinted Lip Balm for Men

After a dip in the ocean and long hours under the sun, your lips might be feeling more chapped than normal. It’s known that the beach can be a drying environment, which is why tinted lip balm for men is a life-changing mens makeup product. Instead of throwing on clear lipgloss or lipstick for men, trust us when we say you’d actually be better off with tinted lip balm for men.

Lipgloss and lipstick can be deceiving because it looks so hydrating due its high shine and color intensity. In reality, its tackier formula will only leave your lips catching all the sand in the air. As an alternative, tinted lip balm for men can actually enhance your pout with just as much hydrating benefits. You can even find color-changing balms that adjust to your skin’s pH level, so you get a natural-looking tint without the stickiness.

3. Eye Makeup for Men: Clear Manscara

Raccoon eyes are not flattering, regardless if you’re at the beach, club, or grocery store. Plus, if you’re the kind of guy that can’t resist jumping in the ocean, eye makeup for men might seem like your worst enemy. You probably steer clear from all types of dark-colored guyliner, manscara, and eyeshadow (even if it clearly states waterproof). So, what’s a man left to do? Clear manscara is the answer.

Clear manscara might be transparent in color, but that’s really the beauty of this male makeup product. Even if you’re a sweaty mess under then sun, you won’t get any of that dreaded smudging down your cheeks. All the while, you can still get the luscious effect of curled, sky-high lashes that’ll widen your eyes. Even better, you can also use clear mascara for men to tame your brow and beard hairs. It’s a win-win.