Ben Baller x Presentedby

The American music executive-turned-custom jeweller is landing in the UK for the first time in 15 years.
Ben Baller is announcing the premium release of his designer clothing range, to be found and purchased only at PresentedBy store.
It’s a fashion statement that aligns an extravagence lifestyle with the finer things in life.
Recognised as the ‚Jeweller of the Year‘ by HypeBeast, the iconic brand of Ben Baller set its foundations in Los Angeles, CA.
Opening a luxury store for customers to experience the essence of the jewellery culture. known as IF & Co Jewellery.
Rooting since 1978, from the family business, the Ben Baller clientele is most popular among the hip hop community and young Hollywood. Catering high-end accessories from grill for Justin Bieber to diamond-encrusted chains for A$AP Rocky.
A collaboration with one of the world’s most sought-after American jewellers, deserves a recognisable event.
Presentedby are welcoming the man himself to the London store, for the official release of the collaboration. Hosting an occasion for a meet & greet with Ben Baller and exclusive access to purchase the limited-edition clothing collection.
The Presentedby Store and concessions are beacons across the region for sneaker lovers, the fashion conscious and hype beasts. It’s the ultimate retail experience, with rare items for sales, sneaker cleaning thrones, and even a live stock exchange for sneakers.