Be a Perfect Gentleman: 10 Classy Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend by Patrick Adams


Soon is her main day of the year, and you have no idea what to buy? Choosing a good gift for a girl is not an easy task. After all, it shouldn’t be only interesting and useful but also beautiful and necessarily not banal… 
Believe me, you don’t need to go to extremes (get a second job, get into debt or take a loan from the bank) to please the birthday girl! A good gift doesn’t always mean expensive. A good gift is one that is chosen with love. Here are trouble-free ideas “What to give a girlfriend for her birthday.” She will definitely appreciate it!

1. Make an impression

Vivid memories are much more valuable than any, even the most expensive gift. So think about what impression you could give.
The range of ideas begins with a ticket to a theatre or a concert and ends with a joint trip to a distant country.
Flying in a balloon, a hang glider or in a wind tunnel, parachuting, going to an amusement park or a walk along the roofs…some of this will definitely please most birthday girls.

2. Cosmetics & Perfumes

Another type of gift that will like almost every girl. But there are even more pitfalls than in the previous paragraph. What aromas does the girl like?
What cosmetics does she use? Does she do makeup? What is her skincare routine? And, most importantly, what products she needs right now?
If you are sure that you know all the answers, feel free to buy a gift. If not, better get a certificate at a cosmetics store, spa, or choose something completely different.

3. Education and development

Another immaterial, but very valuable present. Almost any modern girl will be happy to receive new knowledge in her area of ​​interest.

A gift, depending on preferences, can be a paid course in photography, online lectures in art at a top university, or makeup courses.
Even a good book on an important topic for the birthday girl will be a much better present than the next teddy bear.

4. Electronics

A good gadget is a universal gift for representatives of any gender. The main thing is to decide what a specific person may require.
The new smartphone, tablet, e-book? Or a camera, a projector? Or is it an external battery or maybe headphones?

5. Hobbies

We are talking about those hobbies that the girl already has. For example, the artist will definitely be glad to receive a set of high-quality pencils or pastels, and a sports fan — a thematic accessory or inventory.

6. DIY gifts

A present made with one’s own hands can mean much more than something that was bought in a store.
You just need to make sure that girl can notice that you decided to make it not because you wanted to save some money, but because you wanted to show attention and care.

Therefore, use your talents to create the best gift. Fond of music — compose a song.
You draw well — write a portrait. Know how to work with your hands — create an album from photographs or make something more practical. A cool lamp or chair made according to your unique design project will overshadow any cute purchase from IKEA.

7. Surprise party

This is another way to show a girl how important she is to you.
But in this case, you will have to involve not just your imagination, but also your organizational skills.

There are plenty of ideas for the party. For example, you can arrange a quest for a girl in the memorable places of the city or bring her to a water park or forest, where a secret party will be prepared.

8. Jewellery
In most cases, this is one hundred percent hit. It is rare to meet a girl who doesn’t like jewellery at all. But when choosing, you need to consider several factors:

Does the girl wear jewellery, and if so, which ones? It will be very embarrassing if you give earrings to someone who has not pierced ears.

What style of jewellery does the girl prefer? Some people like massive ethnic jewellery, while others like neat and minimalistic ones. Believe me, if you want to make a good gift, sorting it out is very important. If you are not confident in your own abilities, ask for help from her friends or relatives.

Pay attention to what materials the jewellery is made of. It is possible that the girl may be allergic to certain alloys. So it is better to give preference to precious metals, surgical steel, and natural materials like wood and stone.

9. The dream

This may include all the above items. With only one amendment: you know for sure that the girl really dreams about a certain thing or event.
Wishes can be very different. From “those stunning sheep-shaped slippers” to the business journalism course.

How do you find out about her wishes and dreams? Listen to her and remember her desires. Or ask her friends and relatives. In the end, ask herself. Even if your present will not be a surprise, the most important thing is to make a birthday girl happy, right?

10. Flowers

And last but not least — the girls best friends! And no, that’s not diamonds.
Psychologists at G. Rutgers University (New Jersey) found that the bouquet makes girls smile twice as often as any other gift of the same value. This suggests that girls love flowers and are always happy when they receive them.
Choosing flowers for a birthday gift is always a great idea. Here is another, even better idea: buy flowers in addition to any gift from the list above.


Try to make a birthday present that is unique! Do not forget about the design: bows, ribbons, lace, sparkles, various figures, cinnamon sticks, pine cones. A little essential oil or your favourite perfume will add a pleasant aroma to the present.
Just turn on your imagination and you’re birthday present will be unforgettable.