Danish trio AV AV AV release the video for ‚Airplane Mode‘, featuring Copenhagen-based rapper Felix De Luca.

The track is the second single from AV AV AV’s upcoming debut album “No Statues” which is due to drop 25th October via The Bank.

Rather than categorising it as a specific genre AV AV AV’s music can best be described as emotions or atmospheres. The track “Airplane Mode” has a melancholy feel to it but in particular time drive and motivation at the same.
The music video for “Airplane Mode” portrays motivation through a narrative about how you have to believe in your own abilities when trying to fight your way out of a current life situation.

AV AV AV explains… “Few people in this world get things handed to them. If you want change you have to make it yourself. Airplane Mode is a tribute to those who starts from the bottom but manage to fight their way into a better existence”.

In that way „Airplane Mode“ is a story about survival. In that respect, the message is closely related to AV AV AV’s previous music video for their first single „No Statues„.

“No Statues” describes how some people out of desperation turn to drastic actions in an attempt to change a situation. In the music video for „Airplane Mode“, AV AV AV adds yet another message, that the choices you make in your way through hard times have to be right.

AV AV AV elaborates… “There are so many people who are up to their ears in shit and in every way struggle to change their situation. But when fighting your way out of something, you have to do it the right way. To change the state of things by e.g. taking someone else’s life is not the right way. Taking a life costs a life.”

In the video, this is visualised by the main character [Felix De Luca] shooting and killing the previous main character in the music video for „No Statues” and putting himself in the centre of the story. In the end of the music video, Felix De Luca ends up lying on the pavement shot – wounded and bleeding.

The music video is written by AV AV AV and directed by the group’s third member Martin Skovbjerg [DJ ER DU DUM ELLER HVAD].