Artem Shumov – Exclusive Designer Interview

Name Brand: Artem Shumov

Name Designer: Artem Shumov

Established: 2012

Kind of Style: menswear

Instagram: @artemshumov

1. Please describe yourself and your brand and its evolution in the past seasons.

I’m a Russian menswear designer living in Shanghai. Since its creation our brand has been focusing on comfort and creative textile manipulation techniques. As a regular 32-year-old I have had a bit of an identity crisis recently. We all know, that life is getting faster and faster and fashion is a bit superficial. Our society has become quite wastefull with clothes, emotions and time. That is why I try to focus brand’s development on sustainbility.

2. Best and toughest part of designing a menswear collection.

You always have to balance things out. It’s a compromise between shapes and colors, details and garment properties.

3. What sources of inspiration are your biggest influence?

International cultures and traditions inspire me the most. I think we should always respect and explore our past. Just like our DNA, our culture has a specific code, that has a direct influence on the sociaty, our present, including fashion in it.

4. What was your favorite collection so far?

My very first collection means the most to me. I’ve had worked on it for a long time and I am still wearing some pieces from that collection.

5. How much of your success do you credit to the education you had?

A hundred percent. I am very thankful to my alma mater and the first two fashion designers I’ve done my internships for (Liilia Kisselenko and Tatyana Parfionova). They gave me a phylosophical understanding of fashion. They helped me to become a designer myself and I visit them everytime I’m in St. Petersburg.

6. What genre of music best describes your collection?

iTunes: Mellow Days or Relaxed/Remixed playlists.

7. How do you choose your models for your shows and campaigns?

Every collection has its own mood, so I try to select models with a similar vibe. I also like to book the same models thoughout the seasons. They grow up with time and I hope that the brand grows as well.

8. Do you have any favorite male models?

Sure I do. There is a bunch of models who have worked with the brand for 3 seasons and more.

9. Where do you plan to take your brand next?

Germany or Japan. I think it’s time. I love German and Japanese attitudes toward life. I think both cultures are mostly about respect of others and self discipline.

10. Beside fashion – do you have any special talents?

I wish. But I’m not sure that talent is the key to success. I think it is always hard work and education.