Combining grandiose pop melodies with refreshingly candid songwriting, London based artist Ambre IV releases the liberating “Holy Me”.
Infused with pounding synth patterns and infectious electronic rhythms, “Holy Me” is a celebration of emotional independence. Inspired by pop legends such as Lady Gaga, the accompanying visuals are a kaleidoscope of
rich colours and textured ornamentation.

Speaking on the track, Ambre explains: “A former boyfriend was emotionally abusive and took advantage of me at a particularly low point. This song came from the release I felt once I finally let go of him and realised I could stand stronger on my own.”

Growing up in an inherently artistic environment, singing has always been part of Ambre’s life. Inspired by the emotional vulnerability of love, heartbreak and intimate relationships formed with friends and family, Ambre’s artistic creations are inherently human at their core.

“Holy Me” is a colorful, creative slice of anthemic pop, showcasing an artist who has confidently discovered their sound.