This collection is full of moments, details, concepts, and visions which have served as references for the brand throughout the last 20 years.

In Alexandra Moura’s DNA with its romantic vs. underground, classic vs. sporty charge, its ethical and aesthetic values are pillars and mark the maturity of the work.

These two decades are celebrated through a collaboration with the photographer Rui Aguiar, which has been working with the brand since the beginning.

His photographs add beauty to this collection with chronological moments from past collections or images of flowers which are elements of constant exploration. His inspiring photographs accentuate the strong conceptual and artistic components of the garments.

The raw materials used are Cotton, Viscose, Jacquard Toweling, Lace, Satin, and Faux Leather. These materials are subverted by the silhouette, the workwear fabric turns into classicism, as well as the cotton fleece jersey that turns its urban charge into a disruptive elegance. The 90s aesthetics with references from the late 70s also brings a more punk- -rock charge to the silhouette.

The colors of the collection are fuchsia pink, workwear blue, black and hazel. The knitted monogram resembles lace which contrasts with graphics and the texture of the jacquard toweling makes the monogram’s letters pop.

„Trust your Vision“ talks about the last 20 years of intuitive and experimental processes and of a vision of fashion itself.