Alec Jordan – „Rooftops“ + Exclsive Interview

1. What inspires you the most about being a successful artist in the music industry?

Something that inspires me is knowing the music I make and the songs I write can touch lives. Also living out my dream of creating for a living.

2. What artists have inspired you and why?

Jon Bellion is one of the main artists, he has taught me so much through his music and creative videos. His production is so fascinating to me and his use of vocal samples in beats was definitely something I looked up to.

Blackbear I love, his genre of music and vocal mixing is one of my major inspirations. I’m a genuine fan and definitely get excited about making music after listening to him.

Lastly Mike Posner, he inspires me as a musician and human being. He is very vocal about being authentic and getting the most out of your life. He has made some incredible music and his poetry touches my soul.

3.  What is the best kept secret you never told but are ready to tell all?

In high school I saw the “friends” music video by Justin Bieber and thought his outfit was insanely cool so I went on a mission to buy the same outfit and hoped nobody noticed.

4.  When you are not in the studio, what else would we find you doing?

Spending time with my friends and family.

5. What would be your best advice?

Do what your passionate about even if you don’t make money off of it, and spend time doing it if that’s what you love to do. Get 1% better every day and you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish!

Alec Jordan Instagram: @officialalecjordan