AER Scents Launches Two New Perfumes for 2019

AER is proud to announce the launch of two new perfumes: AER Accord No. 05: White Pepper and AER Accord No. 06: Ylang Ylang. These two perfumes will join AER’s range of hand blended 100% botanical perfumes in the New Year.

AER Accord No. 05: White Pepper

AER Accord No. 05: White Pepper is a challenge to the perfumery establishment; a unique, intense perfume that instantly demands attention. It is a classic fougère perfume brought up-to-date with an AER twist. A fougère is one of the five olfactive perfume families which, traditionally, blends a sweet top note with a Tonka Bean, Lavender and Oak Moss base. Accord No. 05 respects the traditions of this family but breaks with the typical formulation to create something much more herbaceous, warm and bold. Our Accord No. 05 fougère is built around a warm, spicy core of creamy White Pepper oleo-resin and bright Elemi oil, then given a modern twist with the opulent addition of Immortelle oil from Corsica, all underlined by earthy French Oak Moss absolute – the classic fougère underpinning. Accord No. 05’s very dry nature is pushed by Tobacco and Hay absolutes, and then given a curious herbal twist with a touch of Sage Triloba oil.

Main Scent Notes: White Pepper, Elemi, Immortelle, Galbanum, Oak Moss, Tobacco, Sage Triloba.

AER Accord No. 06: Ylang Ylang

AER Accord No. 06: Ylang Ylang is the result of a happy accident; while experimenting in the Atelier, we built one of the Holy Grails of perfuming: a muguet accord, done with 100% natural ingredients. Accord No. 06 is a multi-faceted floral fragrance that is at once a soft, floral bouquet and a strong, sophisticated blend of unusual notes. First comes Ylang Ylang, a richly scented flower harvested on the Comoro Islands. Precious Jasmin Absolute and graceful Damask Rose Absolute from Turkey dance with an elegant Lavandin Absolute harvested near Grasse in the Heart Note. An Egyptian Violet Leaf Absolute gives the base note an etherial green woody note, and Cinnamon Bark offers the fragrance an unusual, flirty warmth. Our miracle muguet note offers a sensual, delicate velvety background to the fragrance.

Main Scent Notes: Ylang Ylang, Jasmin, Damask Rose, Lavandin, Violet Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Vetyver.