A Man’s Guide to Wearing Rings by Jessica Sweet


Rings are not something all men can pull off, and if you’re still new to them, then you’re bound to make some mistakes if you don’t know how to wear them correctly. When worn properly, rings can really add a sense of luxury to your style and make you stand out. Poorly worn rings will also help you stand out, but for all the wrong reasons. If you’re someone who’s used to wearing rings and want to elevate your style, or are trying to incorporate them into your style, here’s our man’s guide to wearing rings.

What Ring goes on What Finger?

The ring finger is the most usual spot for a ring, but you can wear rings on any finger that you want, even the thumb. Pinky rings are stylish and practical as the pinky rarely gets in the way. You can put pretty much any ring on your ring finger, and it’s also a great finger to have a ring on from a practical standpoint. However, you might want to go with a chunkier ring if you don’t want people to mistake it for a wedding band.

The middle finger is not the most popular spot for a ring, and this is mainly because it’s so close to the index finger. You should try to place it on the opposite hand if you already have a ring on your ring finger or index. The index is a very popular finger for rings, and you should go with a sizable ring there. The thumb is for the adventurous, and can look great stacked with a fabric ring for a rugged look.

Know Your Brands

We don’t always think of designers when it comes to rings, but there are some that have mastered the craft and are well known for their pieces, like Versace for instance. The great thing about Versace rings is their wide selection, and their variety of styles. If you want to learn more about Versace Rings, you can check out the selection at ssense.com. They have everything from thick chunky rings with the logo visibible, to more discrete rings that would look great as a thumb or pinky ring. They have rings in gold, and some with mixed colors and materials as well.

Less is More

Pretty much like anything in style, less is often more when it comes to rings. If you overcrowd the hand, rings will lose their individuality. That’s why you should try to be as ambidextrous as possible. Lefties should also think about wearing their wedding bands on the right hand for more practicality.

For proper balance, you should not have more than one ring on your watch’s side. Instead, have one ring on the watch side, and two on the other hand.

Styling rings is something any man can do when they know the basics. Make sure that you follow these few fundamentals, and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find something that works for you.