9 Amazing Hair Care Tips Every Man Should Know by Grace Hawkins

Photo by Josh Miller on Unsplash

Hair is one of the critical elements to make men or women look excellent overall. There’s not much difference between men’s and women’s hair. However, the way both of them manage and maintain their hair makes a huge difference. While most men go for sober hair-drying and hair care options, females tend to put more effort into their hair maintenance from best hair salons in Austin.

When you are outdoors, you get direct exposure to pollution, dirt, and harsh climate, which impacts skin and hair adversely. That’s the reason why men should give their hair proper treatments and take good care. Keep reading this piece till the end, and you will find nine amazing hair care tips leading you towards a healthy hair routine. 

1. Moisturize Your Hair

As much as you carefully wash your hair, you must moisturize it well, too. You can put on serum while your hair is wet and make sure it doesn’t touch the hair roots. You can even apply a shea moisture mongongo mask to your hair. The mongongo oil helps keep the porosity of hair cuticles sealed. Hemp oil is the best hair moisturizer and reinforces nutrients. In contrast, other proteins and vitamins fortify your hair. 

2. Hair Washing is an Art – Do it That Way

Not too less, not too often – that’s how you should wash your hair. Excessive hair washes can cause the natural and protective oils of hair to rip. Moreover, some types of hair get drier if washed every day. One of the best things you can do to your hair is to give it a protein treatment once a month. The protein treatments bring out the best shining and volume in your hair for sure. Also, don’t forget to apply a conditioner after washing your hair. It makes the hair washing process complete. 

3. Safeguard Your Scalp

A clean scalp is a good scalp. Like gums hold teeth in good faith, the scalp does the same for hair. Therefore, avoid direct cold showers for your scalp’s safety. The blood capillaries in the scalp fade away due to cold rinses. These blood vessels are responsible for collecting hair dirt and supplying nutrients, but a quick cold shower can ruin everything. Also, stress can cause hair breakage from the scalp. So, to avoid this condition, try to get frequent head massages. 

4. Oil Your Hair

Like a good shampoo, a good hair oil also makes the scalp healthy. Not only it stimulates hair growth, but it also strengthens your hair. While hair oil provides minerals to hide, it prevents damage. Oiling your hair at least once a week is enough for a better scalp and healthy hair. The moisture oil produces to keep hair black and shining. 

5. Don’t Be Harsh on Your Hair

Most men have a habit of wearing hats or caps during the daytime. It keeps your hair in a tight compartment for a while. The hair gets rubbed against the threads of a hat, and the cuticles get damaged from the breaking point itself. Furthermore, such breakage of hair even hinders its regrowth. When patting your hair, avoid using a towel. It can cause friction and, ultimately, hair breakage. Instead, go for a cotton tee or soft linen. 

6. Use The Kitchen Ingredients 

Not all, but many hair products available on the market are not chemical-free. It can damage both your hair and scalp. If you want to skip to only a few market products, you can do the rest of hair care with the household ingredients. Rinse your hair twice a month with a natural shampoo. Once done, you can use apple cider vinegar your hair in to restore the pH balance. 

7. Protect Your Hair When Outdoors

Only a few good men care about their hair when outdoors. Exposure to the environment can make your hair frizzy, tangled, and wrinkled. The outside air makes your hair dry, so better to apply some serum and coat an extra layer of protection. Similarly, when you dive into the pool, the chlorine component in water contacts your hair cuticles. Because of chlorine, cuticles fade away, leaving brittle hair behind. So cover your hair with a shower cap before you jump into the pool next time. 

8. Invest in Right Hair Care Products

From knowing your hair color to hair types, you should identify each parameter to find perfect hair products for you. Start with defining curly, wavy, straight, dry, or thin hair to find the best hair care products for you. Heat styling isn’t favorable for your hair. So, if possible, skip purchasing heating products. 


Several reasons play a role in the inferior hair health of men. Because of stressful working days and nuclear family responsibilities, men skip taking care of themselves. In the long run, avoiding hair care could be hazardous. However, you could still win the game with these nine simple steps while not compromising your schedules.