8 Helpful Cleaning Tips for Insanely Busy People by Sarah Smith

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

The world we live in has much more equality when it comes to running a household, and we must say that the male lifestyle has changed as well since men participate much more in these activities than in some previous decades. Since individualism is a strong asset in Western society, many people, both men, and women live alone. If you are a single guy, living alone and you have to deal with both work and keeping your apartment tidy, then there are a couple of tips for you to manage this more easily. Let’s check them all.

Make your bed in the morning

We know you are probably in a hurry in the morning, but spare five minutes to make your bed right after getting up and getting dressed. You will be thankful for not having to do this after coming back from work. In case you’re one of those people who like to crawl back to bed for just five minutes more of a nap, making a bed will prevent you from doing this. You will start your day productively.

Wipe your table after the breakfast

In case you eat your breakfast at home, don’t just leave a mess on the kitchen table. People sometimes leave bread crumbs or dishes on a table and that will be what will wait for them after they come back exhausted from work. It takes a couple of minutes to clean it up and put the dishes in a machine. Do it right away and you won’t have to do it later.

Clean the countertops

This doesn’t have to be done in the mornings. It would take too much time along with other activities. Make sure to do it once in a while, every 2 o3 days to keep it clean and polished. This surface is where you prepare your food and should be kept neat.

Clean the bathroom after showering

The bathroom is one of the parts of your house where you should pay special attention to cleanliness. Make sure that if you leave some spills on the floor to clean it immediately. Between the deep cleaning, you should try to keep it as neat as possible. In case your schedule is too tight, you might consider using house cleaning services and that way enjoy your free time while somebody takes care of your house.

Don’t leave the clothes unhanged

When getting dressed in the morning you might try on a couple of shirts before heading to the office. Try not to leave any clothes unhung. Not only will you have to hang it later, but you will probably have to iron it again since it will be wrinkled. If you already have a busy schedule, avoid making yourself a double chore.

Wash your clothes on time

It would be good if you had two laundry hampers, one for white clothes and the other for colored ones. This way you can easily put any of them to wash without having to sort them out. Also, avoid piling up dirty clothes. This will make a mess in your bathroom and you will need more time later to wash and dry everything.

Don’t leave any spills

Leaving any spills on your countertops whether we’re talking about the kitchen or the bathroom will leave traces when it dries. It is much better to just wipe them immediately after spotting them. It takes a few minutes and it will spare you some time you would have to spend later cleaning some more persistent stains.

Take out the trash immediately

If you throw food in the trash, it will start to smell bad after a while. Make sure you have a routine of getting rid of the trash frequently. Your apartment can be perfectly clean but if it smells bad all your efforts will be in vain. You should never let the trash pile up in your house.

It is understandable that a busy person can’t always achieve the perfect cleanliness, but even if you don’t have much time, there are tips that can help you and make your life easier. Follow some of our tips or add some of your own rules and we’re sure your apartment will be kept in great condition. Don’t forget to ask for help in case you need it because many services like this are pretty affordable these days.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels