7 Stylish and Modern Home Design Ideas by Emma Williams


There are more potential home designs than there are homes on the planet. The decor combos are endless but only a number of home designs are stylish and modern at the same time. We offer you 7 of these design ideas you can use to decorate nearly every room in the house or apartment.

Make use of the space under the bed

Extra storage space is always in vogue, so don’t leave a huge gap underneath the bed. Order a bed that comes with drawers under the mattress. If the space around the bed is tight, which is often the case in the children’s room, feel free to place decorative bins, baskets, and hampers near the bed to store bedsheets and linen in them.


Glass is always in vogue

When it comes to the materials you can use inside your home, glass is among the top materials used for all types of furniture. The reason for the popularity of glass is the fact it makes the smallest pieces of furniture, like the living room coffee table, appear bigger than it really is.

Manufacturers install glass in every imaginable piece of furniture, from the aforementioned tables to wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. In addition, tempered glass is quite durable, adding a dimension of functionality to incorporating glass in home design

Playing with the color palette

As far as the colors inside your home are concerned, the modern palette allows you plenty of room to experiment. The dominant palate is comprised of white, grey, black, and beige but you can always combine these colors in imaginative ways.

For instance, you should create contrast in at least one room by painting the walls one color, and the ceiling the other. The walls should be painted a light color, such as white, while the ceiling can be beige or grey, i.e. a darker shade than the one used for the walls.


Timber for every home design

We’ve mentioned earlier how glass is truly a modern and stylish material. However, it is not alone, as timber too is considered stylish and modern at the same time. From the support beams of the house to an extra flight of stairs, there is hardly a place inside (and outside) the house where you cannot use timber.
Professionals, like the ones at ATS Timber, claim that using timber as a material represents a sustainable design and a great home decor solution that is at the same time affordable and sophisticated.

Rugs that blend in

During the final decades of the 20th century, rugs and carpets were perceived as focal pieces of all room in the house. However, modern interior design rules state that all flooring, such as carpets, rugs, and mats, should blend in with the home’s overall décor instead of contrasting it.

Like the colors used for walls, the palette of your rugs should be neutral as well. In addition, the decorative patterns shouldn’t be too elaborate, as parallel stripes are more than enough to arouse the feeling of stylishness. In terms of texture, give traditional rugs a try because they are both unique and simple at the same time.

Polished metal segments

The final material we mention is going to be metal. When combined with the aforementioned glass and timber, it gives out the ultimate impression of stylishness. Metallic segments can be used to cover walls, especially in the bathroom or the kitchen but it is really low-profile and sleek furniture where metal shines the most, pun indeed.

Like glass, the main reason behind introducing metal is to open up the space making it look bigger. Metal panels act as miniature mirrors, reflecting light and making the room look brighter. Just like timber, metal is cheap to get and you can install it on your own to save money further.

Abstract wall art

Finally, you need an artistic touch to your home. Wall art is both affordable and stylish so go with abstract art pieces. They can hang from the wall in nearly every room, from the hallway to the bedroom. Keep in mind that this framed wall art should be minimalistic in nature so avoid imagery with vivid colors.

As you have seen from the 7 ideas listed, you needn’t spend thousands of dollars to have a stylish home. In fact, most of the modern décor features really require a keen eye for interior design, rather than a deep pocket.