7 Secrets To Improve Your Shaving Experience by Bea Potter

Shaving is a huge part of most men’s life, and it is important for each of them to understand what makes the difference between a good shave, and a potentially harmful one. There are some specialist-recommended secrets meant to improve one’s shaving techniques in order to make it more convenient and healthier for the skin.

Develop A Routine

Doing research and developing a proper care routine for your shaving ritual can be incredibly beneficial for your skin health. For men, shaving is an activity that occurs quite often, and because of that everyone should try to find a routine that works for them and their skin, instead of just using a razor, not knowing how to properly use it.

Properly Prepare Your Face For A Shave

There are many men who skip the preparation process and go straight to shaving with a razor, but this can be detrimental to your skin. Having no layer of protection between your face and the razor is the number one cause for irritations, cuts and razor burns.
In order to avoid that, it is important to add preparing to your ritual. Firstly, you need to rinse your face with pre-shave soap and preferably warm water to moisten the hair, making it easier to cut. Taking a shower beforehand is a great alternative, as the steam helps opening up your skin pores and softening the hair. Afterwards, apply shaving cream or shaving gel to your face, and only after all these steps get to razor shaving.

More Blades Do Not Equal Better Shaves

Many adverts show shaving products with many more blades than you actually require for a proper shave. Using too many can actually be bad for your skin, as it facilitates cutting more than just the hair, making it easier to cut your skin.

Most of the time, using just one razor is enough for a proper shave. However, if you prefer to do it quicker, using a three-razors blade should be enough for you. It is the most efficient way to do it while also making sure your skin is protected from potential cuts.

Use Shave Oil For Smooth Razor Glides

Although they may not seem essential, shaving oils can actually have huge benefits for you. Using just a few drops on your skin usually makes the razor blade slide much smoother on your skin, which leads to less irritation.

Not only that, but shaving oil provides an extra layer on top of your skin, which is useful for protecting it from potential cuts.

Not All Creams Are Created Equal

Daniel Craig, lifestyle writer at Custom Essay and Paper Fellows, suggests that “the best shaving cream should be rich and creamy, and not foamy”. The reason for that is that the creamy texture provides more lubrication, and It makes you use less and have your product last more.

There are many types of shaving creams and everyone should choose them according to their preferences or skin conditions. For example, if your skin is sensitive, you should try to find a shaving cream that is clearly labelled “for sensitive skin”.

Moreover, most of the shaving products in stores are aerosol type products which contain chemicals. These chemicals usually have bad effects on your skin, for example causing it to dry a lot faster, and because of that you should try to avoid these products as much as possible.

Use a Brush

Shaving brushes should be considered an essential part of any shaving ritual: using one can have many benefits, such as giving you a smoother, cleaner shave, or spreading the shaving cream to every strand of hair. Not only that, but using it post-shave it helps you remove the dead skin cells and reduces the risk of blemishes and irritations.

According to David Richard, a men blogger at Academized and Urgent Assignment Help, “compared to just using your hands, using a brush will create a creamy lather right on your skin, helping you lubricate both your beard and skin much more efficiently.”

Never Shave The Same Spot Twice

Going over the same spot again is one of the things that damages the skin the most when shaving. If you absolutely have to, you need to apply shaving cream again over the area that needs more tending to. The same thing goes if you have some problematic spots on your skin: always reapply oil or shaving cream before gliding the razor, in order to avoid hurting your skin.

Following these tips will help you greatly improve your shaving routine, but it is important to remember to try out multiple things, in order to find the techniques that work best for you and your skin.

Beatrice Potter works at College Paper Writing Service and Buy Dissertation, she writes lifestyle articles for men. Also, Beatrice is a blogger at Write My Essay.