7 Romantic Ideas To Make This Valentine’s Day Special by Crystal Willson


Valentine’s day is around the corner, and your house shelves are soon going to fill up with plush teddy bears, red flowers, and heart-shaped chocolate boxes. You should display your love and affection throughout the year regardless of whether you have been together for three decades or three months. But do not forget that there is something exceptional about Valentine’s Day.

It is the perfect opportunity to show your creativity and let your special person know how much you love them. Of course, you can go ahead and have a nice romantic dinner and exchange gifts. But what about going the extra mile for your love?

Well, here are the seven romantic ideas that will help you make this Valentine’s Day super special for your loved one. Read on to take your pick!

Plan a Retro Date with Your Special Person

If you will take them out on a date, plan a retro-style one this time around. Think of diners, arcades, carnivals, skating rinks, and drive-in movies.

Get ready and pick your partner up at a particular time, even if both of you live in the same house. It is romantic to open the door and see your special person standing there with a bunch of red roses in hand. You can spend the day snuggling at that drive-in movie place or share fries and milkshakes. Go to the carnivals, enjoy the rides holding hands together, have some candy floss, participate in different games, and have a good laugh! Your partner will love how much planning and thought you put into this date.

Visit a Brewery or Winery Together

Whether they love pale ales or Old Forester 1920, going for a wine tasting is an excellent idea as a precursor to a fancy dinner or a complete date. Visit a brewery or winery or explore the local spots to make an evening-long adventure.

Remember this tip while you’re at it: observe which drink they are enjoying the most. This way, you can get them a bottle as a gift on the same day or for some future occasion.


Relive the First Date That You Had

If you have been together for quite some time, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to recreate the first date you had. Reliving the first date is always a thing that every couple will love. Go to the same restaurant, wear similar outfits, and order the same food as you had done.

It is not only a romantic and fun way to spend the day but can also be a superb idea if you want to propose to them on that day.


Take a Charming Train Ride to Somewhere

Looking at those picturesque travel photos on Instagram indeed gets your wanderlust going. Valentine’s day is a romantic excuse to take your partner to such a scenic location where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors together. You might love long drives and have taken it several times together, but take a train ride this time.

There are quite a few unforgettable train rides available all over the country. Take your pick based on the nearest to your location, and have a mini-vacation on this day of love.

Plans For Your At-Home Date With Your Partner

Going anywhere to have a romantic and fun Valentine’s Day with your beloved is not necessary. You can plan a complete at-home date to make the day special. Start by surprising them with breakfast in bed with heart-shaped delights. Think red velvet waffles or pancakes, breakfast pizza, muffins, cookies, and even a glass of mimosa.

You can even prepare the dinner for them or order takeaway from their favorite place. Plan a movie marathon for the evening as you snuggle together with some popcorn and finger food. You can also have a fun game night because a bit of healthy competition will surely help the romance.


Make Some DIY For Them as Gifts

Are you in a new relationship? Or do you not like going overboard about Valentine’s Day? Then it would be best if you kept it low-key with a DIY gift. DIY gifts can beautifully portray your emotions, and at the same time, impress your partner with your thoughtfulness and endeavor.

You can create a video or slideshow set to music as a nod to the days you have spent together. Making them a personal card and some jewelry is also a good idea. If you’re a little short on creative skills, take the traditional way of writing a love letter and creating a scrapbook.

Join a New Class Together

Do both of you love learning new things and exploring new skills? If the answer to that is a big yes, a good plan for Valentine’s Day would be to join a new class together. You can choose any skill based on your shared interests, be it dancing, painting, baking, or pottery.

If you both end up enjoying the class, you can turn it into your regular date night activity. Most of these classes are on weekends, so maybe you can do it every weekend starting from Valentine’s Day.

Signing Off

Those were the seven romantic ideas you can use to make this Valentine’s Day extra-special for your partner. You can give your spin to these ideas to personalize them as per your beloved’s tastes and preferences like going on shopping, having a ride in the sports car, make your own custom paint by numbers visiting a karaoke bar, or cooking for each other. It is for sure that your valentine would love all the arrangements that you make for them. Happy Valentine’s Day!