7 Reasons Why Nicotine-Free Ejuice Is Actually Awesome by Jessica K


In the minds of most people, vaping and nicotine are two things that are absolutely intertwined. It is a common misconception that one needs the other to exist. The fact is that this statement might have had some truth to it back when the vaping pens were initially being manufactured. But, a long time has passed since then. Now, nicotine-free vaping has become possible because of all the worthwhile new-age e-juices available on the market.

You now have the option to go for zero nicotine e-juices that come in a wide range of flavors from mint, vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry, and more. Are you wondering whether or not to give zero nicotine e-juices a try?

Here are the seven reasons that will convince you to go for it.

Better Flavors Due To Zero Percent Nicotine

Zero percent nicotine means that you get to enjoy the flavor of the e-juice without the added nicotine to it. The addition of nicotine to a vape juice in any measure naturally ends up diluting that flavor to some degree.

Let’s take, for instance, vape juice comes with 2.4% nicotine, which means it will contain less space in the 100 ml measure to make the original flavor stronger. When the same vape juice becomes nicotine-free, a small percentage of the flavorings can go into the mix, which brings you a better and stronger flavor.

Plenty of flavors are obtainable in the market which are free of nicotine. These include strawberry, chocolate, apple, cherry, ice cream, cake etc. You can choose the one depending on your preference.


The Affordability of the Zero-Nicotine E-Juices

The fact is that nicotine-based e-juices are more in demand as compared to the nicotine-free ones. Thus you can often find the safest vape starter kit at really affordable prices because of the discounts and sales. You would notice that most vape shops have some or other nicotine-free vape juice almost always on sale.

If you can get a great flavor of e-juice to enjoy your vaping sessions at an affordable rate, why won’t you take advantage of it? Also, at the same price, you might even get a higher quantity of zero-nicotine e-juice than a nicotine-based one.

Non-Harmful Nature of the Nicotine-Free E-Juices

A zero nicotine vape juice does not have any harmful substance because the element causing it gets removed from it. Nicotine is there in the e-juices as an optional ingredient, and not a necessary one. Without nicotine, a vape liquid will have Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), water, and flavoring: none of this is habit-forming.

It’s important to mention in this regard that the vaping guidelines require all vape juices to be labeled as either containing nicotine and being potentially addictive. It might feel to you because none of these two labels hold true for a nicotine-free e-juice.

Food Grade Ingredients Used To Make the E-Juices

Food grade ingredients are useful for making the vape juices that are free from nicotine. Of course, you might even be allergic to one of those food-grade ingredients, but cannot put the blame on vape juice for that.

Besides, with zero-nicotine e-juices, you will not have to worry much about the bottle falling in the wrong hands or somehow spilling over your clothes. It is not like you should keep the e-juice bottles lying around, even if they are nicotine-free. But, in case you do it accidentally, at least you will not have too much to worry about.

Enjoy Your Favorite Flavors Minus the Calories

Nicotine-free vaping can be a great way to minimize mindless sugar consumption or having snacks between meals. If you are on a diet and craving for a bite of chocolate, you will feel a lot better by vaping a chocolate-flavored vape juice. Vaping a zero-nicotine e-juice can reduce the craving or satisfy your sweet tooth by stopping you from binge eating other sugar-laden and high calorie snacks and sweets.

Stick to your diet or weight loss goal, and stay away from those sweets by picking up the right flavor of e-juice in its place.


Best Option for Tricks and Blowing Clouds

Regardless of whether they are new to vaping or not, most of the vapers have tried at least once to add some style to their exhale. Do the rings ever stop being cool? Probably not. But, would you like to stop at simply blowing a few rings? You would want to practice more tricks like the ones you might have come across on YouTube.

If you want to attempt some crazy feats with vaping, it is best to try those with the e-liquids free from nicotine. The vapers who are into the vapor theatrics don’t need to bring nicotine in the mix.

Many people opt for flavored toothpicks or pens or straws and eat foods after taking a drag, which makes them put on weight. But these vape juices that are free of nicotine serve as the best option for hand-to-mouth requirements and you don’t need to be afraid of extra weight.


Free From the Throat Hit of the Nicotine

When you vape nicotine, you don’t just feel it in your body and head. You also feel it when the vapor hits your throat. There’s a popular term for it as well: the throat hit. It feels like a thumb to your throat, and many vapors do not want this feeling.

Nicotine-free vape juices are ultra-smooth, and you barely feel any kind of throat hit on inhalation. It’s like you get to enjoy the flavors and blow out clouds without the nicotine hit, making your throat irritated and itchy.

The Bottom Line

There are several good reasons to opt for nicotine-free e-juices. It is an engaging and fun way of embracing vaping, without letting the nicotine toxicity affect you. You will feel much better about vaping by taking this route. You can have them on any occasion or social events without disturbing others with any bad odor.

While you are at it, you should even get e-juice flavor ideas from other vapers. The only thing you need to do is to select your favorite e-juice flavor and begin blowing big nicotine-free clouds.