6 Things That Could Help Save Your Relationship by Regina Thomas



There are many signs that a relationship is in trouble, but it comes down to each partner’s feelings. If you believe or think your relationship is in peril, you should open the lines of communication and begin addressing your concerns. Additionally, adopting the following practices can help strengthen any romantic relationship.

Follow Good Rules of Conflict

When you fight with your partner, following the adage that all is fair in love and war will only create more problems. You can do more to save your relationship by remembering that you love your partner and you don’t want to cause them to hurt feelings unnecessarily. When you are fighting, avoid name-calling. You should also avoid bringing up past conflicts. Instead, focus on the issue at hand and be willing to forgive easily.

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

When your partner does something for you, be sure to thank them. While it may seem like a small thing to you, it likely means something more to them. Expressing your gratitude will show that you’re acknowledging their effort, and that can go a long way toward helping them feel appreciated. If you ever doubt the importance of gratitude, think about how you would feel if your extra effort had been taken for granted.

Make Time For Your Partner

No matter how busy your day has been, you should make an effort to spend a minimum of one hour of quality time with your partner. This doesn’t always have to be time spent doing something special. If you’re tired, just watch your partner’s favorite television show with them. The trick is to dedicate yourself to that time. Turn off your phone, put away your work, and focus on enjoying the moment.

Spice Up Your Love Life

Couples fall into a rut once the newness of the relationship fades away, so it’s important to keep things new and interesting. Look for new ways to arouse and satisfy your partner. This can involve the use of adult toys, sensual massage, or introducing role play. If you feel uncomfortable with these suggestions, consider consulting a Los Angeles sex therapist, for example. This type of therapist can help you and your partner find new ways of enjoying physical and emotional intimacy.

Express Pride in Your Partner

Your partner wants to know that you care about their achievements and setbacks, but it becomes too easy to hear a long-time partner without really listening to them. When your partner is telling you about their day, you should make a point to pay attention to them. If they tell you about some accomplishment, celebrate that achievement in some special way. By the same token, make an effort to console your partner after they have experienced failure or defeat.

Ask For a Partner Evaluation

Once in awhile, you should make a point to sit down with your partner for an earnest conversation. The purpose of the discussion is to ensure you’re meeting their needs and let your partner know if your needs aren’t being met. While this includes areas like physical and emotional intimacy, you should also discuss any other topics that affect your relationship. If your partner feels as though their career has stalled, find out what you can do to help them in that area. If there’s a parenting issue, this is also the time to discuss that problem. The goal with these conversations is to identify problems before they become big enough to sabotage the relationship.

As long as you and your partner are invested in making the relationship work, you can restore the passion and trust you once shared. The key to rebuilding any relationship is open communication and trust, so it’s important to practice expressing your thoughts and feelings with your partner. If you can each communicate honestly, building a strong bond between you will come in time.