6 Realities About the Digital Nomad Lifestyle by Sarah Smith

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Digital nomadism is among the latest trends to emerge. Digital nomads are people traveling the world and making money at the same time. For them, every day is a new and exciting adventure. No wonder most people can’t resist joining this peculiar lifestyle. Leading such an impressive lifestyle was almost impossible until a few years ago. Today, thanks to technology, there are plenty of opportunities for joining the movement. There are a few things you should know about if you are thinking about becoming a digital nomad. Here are six realities about this lifestyle to help you make the right decision.

Cultural Differences

While living and working in a foreign country is exciting, it is far from easy. Especially if you want to build your business abroad. You might have too deal with to much paperwork and excessive bureaucracy. The logistics of setting up the company will drain your time and energy. Depending on the country, the whole process might take months. You need a stable income if you want to be a full-time digital nomad. Otherwise, your adventure might end too soon. The same goes for your personal life. Most tourists find cultural differences appealing or they simply ignore them during their vacation. Since you will spend some time in a foreign country of your choosing, you might find cultural and language barriers too much to handle.

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Loneliness and Alienation

There are two situations you will experience as a digital nomad. On the one hand, you will meet many great people during your adventure. On the other, you might feel lonely because you will be traveling around and living abroad without your friends and family. Chances are you will be working remotely so staying in touch with your coworkers might be challenging as well. However, with the right tools, you can still manage to communicate effectively and do your work despite different time zones and changing locations. You and your coworkers can use the intranet, Slack, or Skype to interact and collaborate. This way the business doesn’t have to suffer because of your nomadic lifestyle. Since transience of relationships is a common downside, you should take it into account when deciding on becoming a digital nomad.

Business Changes

As a nomad, your life is constantly changing. Not only does your location change, but your job is a subject to change as well. The business world is a highly volatile one. More so if your work depends on the Internet and technology. Both of them progress rapidly. You have to constantly learn new skills and change careers. When your skills are upgraded, you can easily meet the demands of the labor market. Don’t forget to keep track of the latest business changes and innovations. It will help you react on time and find a new source of income if the existing one fails. The important thing is to be on a constant lookout for opportunities and take advantage of them.

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Productivity Issues

We all have productivity issues every now and then. However, if you frequently change locations, following a routine is almost impossible. In addition, if you are a newbie to the whole system, it might take a while for you to get used to it. Different locations, new experiences, and people might distract you from your work responsibilities. That is why you have to figure out the best way to stay productive even when traveling. It is vital if you want to continue with this lifestyle. Find some tricks online or ask other more experienced nomads to give you some advice.

Burnout and Homesickness

As much as the digital nomad lifestyle is exciting, it is also a huge challenge. To maintain it, you have to work really hard. You want to have it all. You want to be able to finance your travels and enjoy them too. Being away from home and family for a long time doesn’t help either. Overworking yourself can lead to burnout, stress, anxiety, and homesickness. The good news is you can get through it. It is just a phase. All nomads have been in a similar situation. You just have to remember to take a break, relax, and enjoy.

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Digital nomads and minimalism go hand in hand. Because of so much traveling, you can’t bring everything you want with you. You have to pack lightly. For example, bring only your backpack and one suitcase. Everything above that is simply inconvenient and impractical. Also, forget about shopping. You can’t go on a shopping spree and buy everything you need or want. In that case, you will end up with unnecessary luggage. The best advice one nomad can give you is to bring only essentials with you. While being a minimalist, has its perks, it can be difficult sometimes. If you are going out to party, you can’t really dress up. You just have to wear comfortable everyday clothes because that is what your suitcase consists of.