6 Alternative Ways to Commute Without Stress by Patrick Adams


A lot of people find the concept of commute to be quite inconvenient or even outright stressful. In fact, some hate the idea of commuting so much that they choose positions that allow telecommuting for this sole reason. Still, a commute is a broad term and just because you dislike the idea of driving to work, this doesn’t mean that you hate the commute. In order to figure out how to make your commute less stressful, you need to figure out two things. First, you need to understand what is it that makes you hate the commute that you’re currently taking. Second, you need to know all the alternatives to your current means of commute. Here are six such alternatives.


To a lot of people, the hectic streets of a major metropolitan area are quite troublesome to deal with. It’s not the commute itself that stresses them out but driving through crowded streets filled with other reckless drivers. Carpooling can help you avoid this by having someone else behind the wheel. For those who worry about the cost of their commute, carpooling can help divide costs between several parties. Other than this, it ensures that you always travel in company, which helps you combat the commute boredom. All in all, it’s an advantageous concept that you definitely need to consider embracing.

Public transportation

Public transportation is not necessarily a mean of commute that the majority of people would consider to be stress-free. However, with the right mindset, you can make it so. You see, the thing is that you need to fully understand all the advantages of public transportation in order to fully exploit them. For instance, while driving a car, you can only listen to the radio, mp3 player or play some audiobooks. While travelling via public transportation, on the other hand, you can read a book, play a video or even watch a movie. Just make sure not to miss your station on accident.


Cycling to work

Cycling to work is one of the most compelling ideas ever. First of all, it helps you stay in shape, it keeps your commute budget as frugal as possible and it’s incredibly convenient. A traffic jam is a natural occurrence in a big city, however, it doesn’t affect cyclists. This means that you should no longer worry about whether a traffic jam will make you late for work. The initial investment is relatively low and, unlike with cars or motorcycles, it’s a one-time investment in a vehicle that doesn’t use fuel. For those who have to travel a long distance and worry about their stamina, a convenient electric bike can be a problem-solver.

Walking to work

It’s a known fact that walking and similar, light cardio activities, alleviate stress when practised on a regular basis. Sure, some people live too far from work in order to commute this way, however, you can always drive or take public transportation a part of the way. Why not walk last 20 to 30 minutes of your commute in order to start (or end) your day on the right foot. Not to mention that it’s both healthy and completely free.


Make a better playlist

Previously, we’ve mentioned the fact that you can only play audio material while driving. Well, sometimes this can be more than enough. With the right selection of music, you can make your commute into a positive experience or an adventure, rather than it being a simple chore. Other than this, you can download an audiobook, that you can play while driving. This is a way for you to either enjoy your preferred literature or self-improve.


Start your commute on time

The very last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that scheduling your commute also makes a huge difference when it comes to stress levels that you will be exposed to. First of all, heading out half an hour early won’t make that much of a difference in your daily schedule but it will ensure that you’re always there on time. Also, it ensures that you have the time to prepare for work, as well as leave a good impression on your boss. Getting up early in the morning so that you can have your breakfast and drink your coffee before heading out is also known to reduce stress levels.

In conclusion

The most important thing you need to understand is the fact that different people get stressed out by different things. Some people are afraid of a traffic jam. Others are bored senseless during the commute or scared that they’ll be late. Then, there are people who worry about the cost or the convenience of the commute. In order to solve your particular problem, you first need to properly identify it. Now that you know all your options, you have a chance to make all of this work to your benefit.